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    WeakAura multiple condition triggers?

    I have two different text aura for Jade Spirit wep enchant and Lightweave (tailoring int proc). It's pure text, like "+1650 Int", "+2000 Int".
    If both procs at the same time, I'd like a 3rd aura that would show "+3650 Int" and hide the 2 others. The first part is easy, you can do two triggers but I'm not sure how to proceed to hide the "+1650 Int", "+2000 Int"

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    You could do it like this:

    Aura one: Only Jade Spirit active
    trigger1- Aura>Jade Spirit>Player>Buff
    trigger2- Aura>Lightweave>Player>Buff>Invert

    Aura two: Only Lightweave active
    trigger1- Aura>Lightweave>Player>Buff
    trigger2- Aura>Jade Spirit>Player>Buff>Invert

    Aura three: Jade Spirit and Lightweave are active
    trigger1- Aura>Jade Spirit>Player>Buff
    trigger2- Aura>Lightweave>Player>Buff

    As soon as three or four buffs(trinkets) come into play you need too many auras for this.

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