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    Gronstalker Belt (T6) reskin and are there other sets that just don't quite match?

    I would like to see a reskin of the belt to match the rest of the set. It just seems to stand out compared to the rest of the set. A blue looking belt vs an orange/red skin set. I realize its been a few years since t6 was made and that is part of why I wonder it has not been fixed yet. Since this is one of my favorite looking hunter sets, do any of you hunters have the similar argument for the same set or any other set of moggin gear?

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    Tier 8 (25-man) has no matching boots, and the black recolour is missing its helm.

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    They are slightly different because the Belt, Boots, Bracers were added later into T6 with the release of Sunwell.

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    You should be using this: http://www.wowhead.com/item=32346 which was the correct belt for hunters during MH/BT tier 6.
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