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    Feng 10HC - Soul fragments


    me and my guild have started progressing Feng HC and we are currently struggling with not killing soul Fragments in time (they're not reaching shield at all, but we are just slow with killing fragments so they're getting sucked into shield) so I would like to ask you for some tips how to improve my output here.

    Unfortunately I've forgot to do any logs, but we will progress today at the evening.

    I am doing demo for this fight only due to adds, my main spec is affli and I am quite good at it. So here are my questions.
    Should I go affli providing I will keep 4 soulshards for every add phase so I can dot every add that comes?
    Or should I stay at demo? If I stay at demo how my ideal rotation should look like. Yesterday I've tried this: meta -> carrion swarm for pushback -> immoaura -> chaos wave x2 -> felstorm -> harvest life while keeping immo aura up -> carrion swarm -> when I am out of fury I am spamming hellfire. For first set of adds I am using service and for second dark soul or vice versa.
    Is this ok or should I dot everything before doing this? Or should I do completely another set of things?

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    Hello - when we were trying the boss for the first few times we had simmilar problems... What is your raid composition? It's not only about your damage...
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    Just set up a rotation for stunS. if u have a dk is a joke, he can grip all the mob in the same place, for a easy Aoe.
    With demo u got the powerfull AoE output, just seT aside some fury, don't use harvest of life but void ray (and remember to pop DS).
    Don't use carrion swarm if is not necessary, mob must stay stacked.
    Usually we use Nullification with the first shield
    aoe the second
    and again nullification on the third, so is better to use also service.

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    Our current raid comp is

    shadow priest
    survival hunter
    fire mage
    retribution paladin
    and me - demo lock

    heal: resto druid, shammy and disco

    and 2x paladin tank

    We have set up rotation of stuns and snares so adds are never reaching shield, our problem is that they're being sucked into shield no matter ho far they are form shield (issue of low AoE burst damage). I can use carrion wave once because our resto druid can use ursoc's vortex to stack them.

    dunedains: Immo aura and void ray is win? What about chaos wave?

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    i do feng HC 10man as affliction; when he shield siphons I pre cast an SB:SoC, and another SoC onto Feng himself then SB:CoEle and begin SB:Soul Swap the fragments if I get lucky with nightfall procs other wise keep spamming SoC or Harvest Life... should net you 5-8 million damage on soul fragments... its a cooperative effort though, 1 dps cannot carry the raid through this phase all dps needs to switch to the fragments
    depending on your raid comp you can have your paladins take light's hammer which will usually net an extra 1 million damage per paladin

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    OFC chaos wave is a MUST, your rotation is ok, just spam voidray instead of harvest of life.
    If u want u can pop your INFERNAL and also your potion for extra burst.
    BUT how many shields are u doing? 3 or 4?

    Usually we start with Spirit of the Staff, hero at pull, first velocity soacked with nullification barrier, second healer cd and then it changes phase.

    as second we have shield, first nullification barrier, second aoe, third nullification and gg

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    Demo is terrible on this fight for 10 man.

    Without 4 set bonus you should have Dark Soul up just before first set of adds. Make sure you have 4 soul shards and simply soulburn soulswap with Dark Soul and malefic grasp and wait for the nightfall procs.

    For 2nd pack save your procs and pot and if they're too slow use your infernal if you need. If they aren't dying then it's your control of the adds and not the dps.

    This method on the last kill I did 4.1 million damage on adds, Survival Hunter did 3.9million damage to adds, Frost DK did 4.2 million damage to adds, Ret Pally did 4.3 million Damage, Ele Shaman did 4.7 million.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SKOTy View Post
    survival hunter
    fire mage
    retribution paladin
    demo lock
    2x paladin tank

    (issue of low AoE burst damage)
    Does not compute.

    All of those classes are great at AoE burst.

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    Going demo just for the the shield phase is silly imho. You need your great affli single target DPS to get through the phases quickly.

    This is how we do it:
    First shield: Use barrier IMMEDIATLEY!!!!
    Second shield: SB+CoEx (glyphed) + root totem if needed. You just slow them, no damage. Barrier just comes of CD to kill adds.
    Third shield: I want 3 shards for this phase so I sometimes even drain soul. SB+CoE (very important!!), DK, druid, mage handle slows/roots. SB+SS on 2 adds, SoC, if I get a nightfall procc I SB+SS another add. Btw, I don't use any cooldowns here. Imho it's more important to use them on the boss to burn through the phase. This is a part where other classes can shine with their burst aoe.
    Fourth shield: Use barrier
    Fifth shield: If you get a fifth shield you don't have enough damage for this encounter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuzzfizzle View Post
    Does not compute.

    All of those classes are great at AoE burst.
    Then I guess we simply suck
    I will try affli tonight, I am much more confortable with affli.
    Generally SB:CoEle for debuff and SB:SS on as many adds as possible and SoC spam?
    And I guess shadowfury is a no brainer here

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKOTy View Post
    Generally SB:CoEle for debuff and SB:SS on as many adds as possible and SoC spam?
    And I guess shadowfury is a no brainer here
    That's how I do it. No need for shadowfury as its duration is too short. Other classes have better tools.

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    A big question is wether you do
    - Case 1a) : nullify shield #1, dps adds of shield #2, nullify shield #3 or switch phase before 3rd shield
    - Case 1b) : dps adds of shield #1, nullify shield #2, switch phase before 3rd shield
    - Case 2) : dps adds of shield #1, nullify shield #2, dps adds of shield #3

    We always make sure we get anything but case 2 (so we have only 1 set of adds)

    We have a preference for for case 1a) so we have null-barriere up asap afterwards (fire phase for us).

    So in this case (one set of adds) i'm used to :
    - have dark soul available and prepare "enough" fury (see below)
    - pop potion + darksoul right before the adds spawn (white lines from shield to players)
    - pop service:felguard one add as it spawn (it will autofelstorm 2-3 secs after)
    - the death knight grabs them all so they are now packed
    - then HoG + Meta + ImmoAura x2 + your felguard Felstorm + Carrion swarm (glyph it according to your bumping strategy)
    - then Void Ray spam + Chaos wave on cooldown until there's only 1-2 left then Touch of Chaos spam

    Why that ? Here are some additionnal remarks :

    - beating a boss is different from doing maximum damage. if you should refrain from using dark soul beforehand to be sure that you have it up for the aoe phase, then just so do it (refrain). not using dps cooldowns on cooldown is a good thing if it gets you further in the encounter. Remember : beating the boss is what matters, not ranking !

    - how much fury to prepare ? the best way to do so is just have "enough fury" for the 18 second aoe scenario above (which is some kind of worst caseworst case). Just train on a dummy (with a friend's haste buff) to see how much fury you consume in this 20 second scenario using the spells listed above, and you win. If it's 900, then train again afterwards (with haste buff) to see how much time it takes to prepare 900. If it's 600, same deal, check for the fury build time. Another reminder : manually refreshing corruption instead of using ToC to refresh it leads to faster fury generation.

    - same, you shouldn't care about the theoretical damage/fury of the spells you use during aoe meta burst, only damage matters. why that ? because if a chaos wave does more damage per target than a void ray, use chaos wave in meta. same, if carrion swarm does more damage per target than your voir day, use carrion swarm. Remember you're time-limited, not fury-limited.

    - finally, in case you're preparing for 1000 fury, you shouldn't care if you overcap your fury during the few seconds when you're waiting for add spawn, who cares... But please, don't ever lock yourself out of meta by trying to prevent an overcap too late : if you're doing it too late and dumbly cancel, then you'd look stupid in caster form and do a weaker AoE (i did the mistake once or twice)

    Finally, when all soul fragments are dead, we pop heroism to be sure to switch phase to avoid any additionnal add phase.

    Hope it helps.
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    I never had to go demo on this fight.. I did it as affliction by dotting them all up and blowing them up with haunts and drain soul whenever possible.

    I imagine that you're doing what you can, seeing as you're the one coming here with the question. But I have this horrible feeling that your other dpsers are slacking horribly, seeing as you can't get them down. So have somebody use Skada and link Damage Done to whatever-that-add-is-called after every attempt. Find out who's being bad.

    A few tips:
    Save cooldowns for the add phases. Dark Soul, on use trinkets...
    Soak every other add phase with the barrier-thing that the tanks get (Goes without saying, I guess)
    Have your tanks help on the add damage, careful around 51%, you don't want him going to the wrong weapon while you AOE.
    Group up to make the aoe easier.
    If your adds are getting sucked into the shield without reaching it, you might have too much focus on stuns and snares and too little on damage. A hunter trap and a Shadowfury should be enough, really.

    Get logs asap

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    We are doing nullify on 1st set, cc on second set until nullify comes off CD, blow cool downs and kill third set
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    The best way for my guild to get over this phase of the fight was to use heroism when the soul fragments spawn ..

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    In my 10 man run, I went destro for this fight. Destro AoE was far more consistent from phase to phase, and having a spammable execute for the stragglers is immensely helpful. Requires 2 embers to pull off, RoF when the cast begins, FnB Immo, FnB conflag, FnB incin until sniping time, and you should be between 3 and 4 embers until the add wave is dead, blow 3 embers on CB's, repeat per wave. Our strat and comp allows for very little movement outside of arcane phase, so I take MF for the extra reach, but it's not really necessary. If you need to move, pick up K'JC. AV does little for this fight, since most damage sources are wipe material. We swapped our nullify to start on the 2nd, and proceed every other from there. We kept having someone with the arcane debuff at the transition, and it'd throw off the shield placement. With a DK, it'd be a non-issue.

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    Downed! Thanks for help, affli was the choice.

    Shadowfury -> SB:CoEle -> SB:SS on as many as possible -> SoC spam and if nigtfall procs SB:SS

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    Congrats! Now reap the rewards of MF in Gara'jal's shadow realm .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medieve View Post
    Congrats! Now reap the rewards of MF in Gara'jal's shadow realm .
    Well I was about asking some tips for affliction for Gara'jal so far I have no idea what should I be doing there

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    Gara'jal just go down with shards, pop SB+SS and win. Drain soul on a low one before you go back up to refresh your shards. Game over.

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