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    Another week with longer que times, and no tier token drops

    Thanks for another great week Blizzard! I'm so glad I took the time to farm up 3 elder charms to use too. Made me feel like a big epic loser this time! Damn, the lfr is just getting useless! 40 minute que times for second half of HoF and ToES too! I gotta believe there's a correlation. How long do you think it takes players on the outlie of the RNG to realize the LFR is becoming a raw deal, and is just not worth clearing every week anymore.

    I don't care what the big raiders want to say about lfr being free loot and casuals being qqers about the RNG - the LFR has to reward more or its just going to get worse regardless of whether or not there are some lucky people out there doing very well loot wise or not. Raise the friggin drop rate to 20%, please, or even increase it gradually to 20% as the tier goes on, something to encourage the not-so-lucky players to keep running it.

    If players have to spend upwards of an hour for a 1 hour experience that rewards nothing, they're going to realize its a raw deal and stop doing it!! Its how many weeks into the tier already? Probably half over or something? How long does it have to feel that players who rely on the lfr for their gearing/player development experience are beating their heads against a brick wall this expansion.

    If not, how about give us some other way to get our tier token set - I'd gladly spend my valor on them if I could! I'm personally starting to wonder week after week if I'm ever going to get my tier set before the next tier launches!!!

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    You realize right that those raiders you are so down talking spent a whole lot more than 1 hour a week for those epics with just about the same chance of actually getting something, and then still having to roll against other raiders on top of it? LFR is fine, and I've not been particularly lucky either. I've gotten no tier at all. Not in my normal raids either cause we have 6 people with conqueror in a 10 man.

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    Rng is rng.
    Btw, do you even do normals?
    If not, whats the point of getting the gear? For transmog?

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    I had a 35 minute queue today, to get 7x28.5 gold. Followed by a 98 minute queue time to get 3x28.5 gold. And spent it all on deaths from the shitty tanks in that second go.

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    Cracks me up when casuals moan about getting gear that they won't ever need haha

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    Valor from real raid bosses was increased and i won the Gun from Terrace on my 3rd kill. No reason for me to run it anymore so i won't. Many raiders are in the same position and the LFR queues will just keep getting longer and longer, groups will fail more and more, just like last few months on DS.

    What you see now is what LFR would it look like at launch if it wasn't mandatory.

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    Just dont do LFR then mate. I now went and subbed for 1 month, to kill time inn christmas hollydays etc, and I for sure dont plan to go LFR, hopefully once.

    There are other ways of gearing up, or you can just admit to youreself that you aint an raider inn MMO's cause of time-restriction real raiding takes and be fine with that, I know I was fine with that many times trough my 7ish years - There are other things than gear. Getting everything inn an MMO shouldent be easy, but is something that gradually is sadly.
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    Well i kinda start skipping bosses. As soon as i was finished with legendary tokens i started skiping bosses i didnt need. It is just not worth my time.

    In those 30-2 h i could get 5 times more valor points than waste my time there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexedlol View Post
    Cracks me up when casuals moan about getting gear that they won't ever need haha
    Because better gear wont help anyone, right?

    Maybe heroic raiders should go do their dailies naked to prove that...
    Edit: of course they should do that on pvp servers, because nobody would attack a 149k health level 90...
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    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home.
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    Did you know that salt has sodium and chlorine in it!!!! Sodium explodes when exposed to atmosphere and you clean your toilets with chlorine!!

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    I havent had a single piece of tier or much of anything else from lfr either, its rng.
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    A) Queue with a healer, you get almost instant queues.
    B) You are not entitled to anything. Loot drops are random, always have been. It's up to you if you choose to run LFR, nobody is forcing you.

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    LFR is held together by the raiding population.

    When they stop doing it, it stops working. It's getting worse even now. Tanks in my last venture there had no clue what they were doing. They should probably up the VP reward from it, because right now I'd rather do a few quick heroics to cap than go to LFR and face the derp squad.

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    Then go do normal modes, geez.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Seriously...why another thread on this? Is it to hard to read the existing threads and fathom that rng is rng?

    I explain it:

    So you raided LFR for 6 weeks and got no token
    So I did exactly ONE Sha of Anger in that time and got a Leg token.

    THAT is RNG. Am I making "Lootsystem is so awesome I have a 100%win chance" threads?

    Oh yeah. Complaint about 40 mins queue time? Try proper raiding. As an officer I had to be online an hr before the raid. 30 mins before, invites had to be made. council about what place to raid, who to bring and who to sit out. Check that flask, foods are there. Runtrough of tactics. etc etc.

    You have not one ounce of sympathy from me. In fact, there is a guy who just asked in a topic why older players look down on newer players. Your post makes me think you are quite new. Your post and my answer is the reason why. By no means do I want this to be "I walked 10 miles barefoot to school in the snow and it was uphill both ways" - but you gotta stop believing Blizzard is specifically making a system that is out to target and screw you.

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    1. Que for LFR.
    2. Open up a movie on your computer.
    3. Watch the movie and pretend to be there before they pull the boss, go afk once they pulled.
    4. Enjoy your movie meanwhile they kill the boss for you, if ur lucky you get "free" for no work at all.

    Or you can do my favourite. Enter the LFR. Afk on trash then pull boss. Go afk make something to eat or watch TV. Come back after 5 min or so before the boss is dead and pretend you weren´t afk at all. Repeat!

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    ITT: casuals and bads mad at Blizzard because they're not getting 476 loot.


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    Well, rng is rng.

    My druid has the 4pc set bonus for healing, and 2 pc set bonus for guardian, and the sha touched healing mace.
    My mage, who did exactly the same amounts of lfr, has 0 set tokens.
    My monk (my main), who did lfr 2 weeks longer than my druid, has 1 token - but was very lucky in the first weeks in mogushan (I only realized in the second week that the extraroll didn't guarantee an item, because in the first week mogushan I won 2 items directly, and three with every coin I used).

    I think the problem is the expectation of the players. They rant because they go three weeks without loot. But this is what the game is about, and has always been. This happens to casuals or hardcore raiders since release. The frustrating difference to the previous loot system in LFR is simply that you cannot increase your chance by grouping with friends/guildies. Of course this is a good thing, or a bad thing, simply depending on which side you are on. So if you are unlucky, there is nothing you can do about it.

    And it doesn't matter at all if you need the gear to kill a heroic raid boss, or to do your dailies. Gear is the only motivating factor in any mmo, everything you do in the game is about improving your character, and aside from vanity items or titles that is done with gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    LFR is held together by the raiding population.
    LFR is held together by the casual population. Raiders join to flash their epeens in their full BiS gear, belittling players in entry level gear for not pulling 16,000,000dps. The bad attitudes of raiders really come out in LFR, casual's just get on with it.

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    almost feels good to slap it in a post here now, over the course of 2 weeks after getting NOTHING, NADA, from lfr except the odd pieces that were worse than my current ones, i finally got tier pieces, and wow i got a lot, got 2x chest, 2x shoulder, 2x gloves.
    Also stop whining untill you try as a prot pala, my gear should have haste and mastery but guess what, thats retri gear according to the lootgods.

    So come back once you have to go into os in lfr to get ms gear please
    and as previously said, rng is rng.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    LFR is held together by the casual population.
    If only that was true. Oh all the time I was bored inn 4.3, and join a Ultraxion LFR kill just to DPS a little, and cause no other good geared DPSeres (30k or better, witch even back then wasen't much to ask for on Ultraxion) joined we actually wipe. Or the times where you get a tank that had 0 clue on the tanking mechanics of ultraxion so the 5 best DPSeres eventueally get aggro and die.

    All Im saying is, that if you get 5 real raiders in you're LFR run its quit more smooth
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