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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    LFR is held together by the casual population. Raiders join to flash their epeens in their full BiS gear, belittling players in entry level gear for not pulling 16,000,000dps. The bad attitudes of raiders really come out in LFR, casual's just get on with it.
    No, raiders get angry at the foaming baddies that are clueless yet dont ask about anything and thus die, tanks that pull when people needed an explanation of t he boss, healers that dps instead of healing abusing queue, dps pulling all the hounds in stoneguards room to then blame others for pulling. I do get sad but get a good laugh at elegon though when the rare person that doesnt get a clue falls down and dies.
    But mainly the raiders get angry when people do not know tacs and when told what to do cant even follow instructions. Tank pulling elegons protector outside pre 25% like at 90% instead and not pulling it in, making it blow up inside. spirit kings where tank rushes off alone with no strong cd up so he can actually survive that shit, better even he should just chill and run with the group.

    That list could go on and on but you can see why raiders get mad sometimes, lot of crap happens in lfr. Thus raiders get angry at the casuals that go in clueless on a fight bathing in fire and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rielthas View Post
    Thanks for another great week Blizzard! I'm so glad I took the time to farm up 3 elder charms to use too. Made me feel like a big epic loser this time! Damn, the lfr is just getting useless! 40 minute que times for second half of HoF and ToES too! I gotta believe there's a correlation. How long do you think it takes players on the outlie of the RNG to realize the LFR is becoming a raw deal, and is just not worth clearing every week anymore.
    Then by all means find other ways to gear up or start running normals. Have you even played the game before there was LFR? Seriously, it took waaaaaaay longer to get groups going. Or roll a healer, you get almost insta queues. The rewards/incentives are more than fine at the moment. Just do your dailies while you are queued and you'll get the invite soon enough, or do something else while you wait.

    RNG is RNG, I have had bad weeks, yesterday I got 2 items (one from normal though). Besides giving more loot will even provide less people to do LFR because they gear up faster. Learn to deal with it or do something else is my advice.

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    alas, the guys that do get angry at low dps arent raiders per say, they are elitists that do not understand how the game works atm with low g ear lvl

    If i tank a dungeon or something i can easily top meters if the player got 450-463 gear+maybe isnt the best at playing his class. Same goes in lfr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexedlol View Post
    Cracks me up when casuals moan about getting gear that they won't ever need haha
    This, kinda.

    I am by no means a raider any more, but I never do LFR more than once per toon/spec usually. I do it to really experience the instance and mechanics and that is it. I am half epic geared as enhance and really have no inclination to do any more LFR as that spec ever again. Currently trying as Ele to get enough gear to pop the threshold for challenge modes, so my stats are down scaling and hence I will have the best stats I can ever have. I'm probably there since my ilvl has climbed to 466 now.

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    People that queue for LFR and then wait in-game make me laugh. Complete some dailies while you wait, or turn the sound up and music/ambience off, minimise, and go watch something/play another game. Hear that Big ass horn/drum sound? bring up WoW, afk on trash like every other moron who whines about RF loot and queues, auto attack bosses, get your loot or gold, repeat.

    Gold is filler now for any items that would have dropped that were useless for your class. If you are a paladin, and you only get gold, just pretend that a cloth item dropped instead, if that will soothe your rage.

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    Don't think you are entitled to anything. Stop whining, or quit playing.
    They're (short for They are) describes a group of people. "They're/They are a nice bunch of guys." Their indicates that something belongs/is related to a group of people. "Their car was all out of fuel." There refers to a location. "Let's set up camp over there." There is also no such thing as "could/should OF". The correct way is: Could/should'VE, or could/should HAVE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    LFR is held together by the casual population. Raiders join to flash their epeens in their full BiS gear, belittling players in entry level gear for not pulling 16,000,000dps. The bad attitudes of raiders really come out in LFR, casual's just get on with it.
    Having recently done Feng with neither tank taking a crystal before shouting at each other that the other didn't know the tactics, having seen countless tanks run in on Spirit Kings only to turn the boss away from everyone and get one shot, seen people who didn't know they were supposed to be healing, witnessed DPSers on less damage than they should be doing from auto attacks alone, I can say that you're wrong.

    What you say wasn't true for DS, and it's not true now.

    The raiders are the ones you don't notice. They tank properly, heal without screaming that they're OOM and top the damage meters without needing to spam the raid afterwards to show how awesome they are. Sure, there are asshole raiders out there but being an asshole is not a trait unique to raiders by any means. Somebody who shows up with a few early raid items and VP gear and tells everyone they suck is not a raider.

    You only notice raiders when they stop showing up.

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    I think it's 4th week Terrace LFR is open. So far I got nothing, no weapon no item no tier token NOTHING BUT 28,50g. That's 16 rolls + 4x coining Lei Shi for weapon, 20 rolls total without gear.
    Normal raiding isn't any better, bosses have incredibly cluttered loot tables and the amount of RNG in 10-man raiding is insane. Having items with sub-10% drop chance on weekly-reset instance is just bad designing by default.
    5th week running I'm getting nothing but gold from extra coins either.

    I know it's RNG but after so long marathon of shitty RNG it's getting really annoying. I'm still 1st or 2nd on DPS chart but it hurts me seeing my guildmates getting showered in gear (either LFR or normal grade) while I get jack shit because my gear refuses to show up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Seriously...why another thread on this? Is it to hard to read the existing threads and fathom that rng is rng?

    I explain it:

    So you raided LFR for 6 weeks and got no token
    So I did exactly ONE Sha of Anger in that time and got a Leg token.

    THAT is RNG. Am I making "Lootsystem is so awesome I have a 100%win chance" threads?

    Oh yeah. Complaint about 40 mins queue time? Try proper raiding. As an officer I had to be online an hr before the raid. 30 mins before, invites had to be made. council about what place to raid, who to bring and who to sit out. Check that flask, foods are there. Runtrough of tactics. etc etc.

    You have not one ounce of sympathy from me. In fact, there is a guy who just asked in a topic why older players look down on newer players. Your post makes me think you are quite new. Your post and my answer is the reason why. By no means do I want this to be "I walked 10 miles barefoot to school in the snow and it was uphill both ways" - but you gotta stop believing Blizzard is specifically making a system that is out to target and screw you.
    I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    Valor from real raid bosses was increased and i won the Gun from Terrace on my 3rd kill. No reason for me to run it anymore so i won't. Many raiders are in the same position and the LFR queues will just keep getting longer and longer, groups will fail more and more, just like last few months on DS.

    What you see now is what LFR would it look like at launch if it wasn't mandatory.
    This. I only need 1 item from LFR now, the Sha-Touched fist weapon from Empress, so I only do the 2nd half of HoF LFR. When I get better weapons for both my MH and OH, I won't be doing any LFR anymore unless I decide to get an alt to 90 and then get it geared. Lots of people who clear way more normals than me have already reached the point where they don't need any more gear from LFR, and have stopped doing it. That'll just get "worse" as time goes on, and is another downside to the personal loot system(the other one being that raiders can't do LFR with their guildies' alts to roll on gear for them, which DID increase the amount of people doing LFR)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rielthas View Post
    How long does it have to feel that players who rely on the lfr for their gearing/player development experience are beating their heads against a brick wall this expansion.
    Yes use it as a starter, but surely if you are running these religiously you must be looking at normal raids too? If not, why are you that fussed about the gear (if you don't raid other than LFR?)
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    LFR was designed to see the raids, not to gear up. Sure, it might be used that way but then please find that when you're a little unlucky (thats what you're at best tbh) that it's not a very effective way.

    Besides, you say improve the rewards or it might get worse? How exactly? Ah, less people who'll run it on a weekly basis. Shouldn't matter too much to be honest, it is still doing what it was supposed to do, show people who can't/won't raid the current content..

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    Just wait until the only people left doing this tier of LFR are the new players and alts Blizzard expects to gear through each tier in order.
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