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    [H] Divium - Haomarush EU (10m: 16/16 NM | 6/16 HM )

    Divium is recruiting!

    Divium has been created in November 2011, when Prophecy and Impetuous merged together for better progress. We are 10 man progression guild with aim to be one of the best raiding guild on Haomarush EU, while reaching for world rankings aswell.

    Short Info
    -10 man guild
    -16/16 Normal modes and 6/16 Hard modes
    -Raiding Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday* and Monday
    *Sunday is optional (we raid if we got raiders online and is not obligated)
    -Raiding time: 20.00 - 23.30 server time
    -Loot: Loot council

    We are currently recruting the following classes:
    -Death Knight Blood
    -Paladin Protection
    -Warrior Protection
    -exeptional players regardless of what class you play

    What we expect from you:
    - You speak English and be able to talk on voice communication programs such as Team speak and Ventrilo
    - You have stable internet connection and PC
    - You are familiar with theorycrafting and know how to maximize your class with enchants/ gems and professions
    -You can handle jokes, criticism while not raging and playing "dramaqueens"
    -You come focused and prepared

    What you can expect from us:
    - Progress oriented team
    - Flask and Feasts provided (does not count for trials)
    - Core raiding spots

    If you want to apply or need more info please visit http://www.divium.eu/ or whisper any officer in game: Rove, Veider or Harboé.
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