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    "Stalker Online" from the company "CTS game" English client.

    I want to answer your questions. Advance I am you to forgive me for my English.

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    Stalker online. This is a game of several genres. Appearing at a train station, you start your journey. Follow the instructions NPCs and explore new territories. Starting area would be to leave in 2 ways. The first way is that to get into the underground tunnel under the house of culture. The second way is to do a few errands in the Courier which stands near the house of culture. Remember that you can always go back to the station and finish the job. On your way to meet friends, but do not forget that some players earn robbery. Be careful. You can play alone, but if you want you can create your own army and lead it. Strong clans own clan bases, it gives them a lot of benefits, among others. Dangerous anomalies and savage mutants and Marauder and many other dangers lurk heedless. These lands can give lavish gifts, but they can destroy in an instant. It all depends on you.

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    Stalker online maps

    Tutorial map - size of this map (0,5 * 0,5 km) - (starting area has an exit to Lubech City)

    Main game zones

    sub-map Lubech City - size of this map (1 * 1,5 km) an isolated part Lubech Forest maps

    Lubech Forest map - size of this map (4 * 4 km.)

    Vesuvius - size of this map (2,5 * 2,5 km.)

    sub-map Volcano - size of this map (0,5 * 0,5 km.) an isolated part Vesuvius maps

    New Land - size of this map (1,5 * 1,5 km.)

    Tunguska - size of this map (2 * 2 km.)

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________
    Before the New Year - the developers plan to bring into play two new maps.

    Size of the new gaming areas (10 * 2 km) and (20 * 20 km)

    Map of 400 square km! - There is no analogues in other MMOs?
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    Look its best.
    And as for the idiots say so. A lot of them everywhere. But in this game of idiots are caught and punished. In the starting area fool will be punished guard. in other locations you will be invited to the clan and the main shoot you will have an enemy clan. mostly Saturdays - when is winning clan base.
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    Respect to this forum. Thanks to you, we have found new players.

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    Cool but don't you think people will confuse this with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series?

    EDIT: or is it?

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    Oh yes! You are absolutely right! This game has no connection with Grigorovich. This is not a mod and not a continuation of the series game STALKER issued by GSC Game World.! Company Cybertime systems GAMES has every right to Stalker Online! This is a different project. Various trade marks. Different sounds (confirmed repeatedly in various instances). Different spelling. A common trait - postapokalipsis! Related only in this game events unfold after the disaster. But it is not a Chernobyl is another - not related to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant!

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    Look its best. I like

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    I ask supporting our game in steam
    Please, publish here links to your comments in the steam

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    Soon, Happy New Year! I want to congratulate all and wish: happiness, health and love!

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