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    5.2 PTR new Models

    New models added for the new raid coming in 5.2:


    00:12 Thunder king
    00:59 Mogu Lieutenant
    01:22 Female Mogu (sun)
    02:01 Female Mogu (moon)
    02:36 Greater Beholder
    03:14 Dark Saurok
    03:40 Blood Golem
    04:12 Ornate Blood Golem
    04:51 Thunder Troll
    05:27 Thunder Pterodactyl
    06:38 Triceratops
    07:33 Stone Triceratops
    08:21 Dire Troll (new animations)
    08:50 Zandalari Devilsaur
    09:46 Zandalari Golem
    10:14 Zandalari Battlesaur
    10:42 Zandalari Triceratops
    11:11 Thunder Hydra heads
    11:47 Spectral Porcupine
    12:09 Thunder Beaver

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    The Zandalari Battlesaur model looks amazing! I think they should have made a new Dire Troll model, but who knows, maybe it's just not in yet.
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    Most of these models have been out for a few weeks now, but that doesn't make them look less amazing. They did a really good job, especially on the Dinosaurs and the Thunder Troll. Praying for more models incoming.

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