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    Death Knight 5.1 Haste break point/soft cap?

    I was just wondering what's the best way to start to gem as a Death Knight, as I've been playing the first 2 months of the expansion with gemming 160 str and 60str + random stats, the other day a guildy told me to go gem full haste i tried it and I actully did more dps, I've seen all the top players play with strenght and skip the big haste gems, so is there any Haste soft cap or Break point that I should reach? At the moment I'm at 8,1k Haste.
    My Character name is Sockzor

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    For 2h frost haste becomes better on paper around the time you get the tier two piece or a heroic weapon. There isn't a specific break point to go for, the relative usefulness of haste and strength depends on too many factors for that.

    A lot of dks are choosing to go for strength gems anyway because in real encounters we can often get a load of free runic power from ams, which makes haste gems less useful.

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    Allright Thanks! Is there anywhere i can look this up? in the basic guides they don't mention any of this!

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    Someone has probably written a long post about strength and haste for 2h frost somewhere, but I haven't seen anything.

    I preferred to go with strength gems when I was still 2h frost, but my opinion won't be very useful to you because I still had 8k haste.

    I considered that to be a comfortable amount because it was enough to not feel too resource starved in full physical encounters and it also didn't feel like too much in magic heavy encounters, but that's just me.

    Basically, haste is better until you start having to waste resources or not use procs optimally, then go for strength. You're going to have to figure out the specifics of that for yourself.

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    Okey Thank's for the help mate!

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    I prefer a haste priority gemming strategy purely from a playing standpoint. With full strength rune regen just feels slow, and I don't like having to wait around for resources. For me right now 2 haste is slightly ahead of 1 strength, so even though strength would likely be superior on encounters with heavy magic damage I am sticking with haste. Once gear improves to the point where I can keep ~9k haste with just reforging I will likely swap to a strength priority gem strategy but not before then, no matter what the simulations say.

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