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    Meta Gem recipes


    do meta gem recipes also drop in pandaria normal mode dungeons? i have a level 85 dk which im using for cutting gems and stuff, she has 600 skill in jewelcrafting and now i want to obtain some meta gem recipes aswell. I dont feel like leveling her to lvl 90 though. Will i get all the recipes when i do a few pandaria normal mode dungeon runs?

    Or do i have to have a specific level to obtain them, or do they only drop while questing?


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    they are world drop items.. they pretty much drop from anything such as questing mobs to dungeon mobs even scenario mobs. just kill stuff.. you will get them.

    edit: RNG is at play here.. so thinking only a few dungeon runs will get them all is a bit of a stretch. dont get your hopes up that high.
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    I did not get any of the meta recipes from running normal mode dungeons. Most of mine were world drops as I leveled to 90.

    I did get a couple from the level 90 heroics and also one from the cache that you get from the Golden Lotus dailies. Your mileage may vary.

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    My druid is 2 bars away from hitting 89 (only did quests) and has learned half of the cuts so far (mostly rubbish cuts). I'd really like to get the Str and Agi ones, considering they're the ones I'll be using most often. The designs drop from pretty much everything that was added in the expansion and can drop loot.

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    I've seen em in dungeons, out in the world, in scenarios, even in the Treasures of the Vale chest from the Golden Lotus dailies. And likely more places too.

    Just keep looking.
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    Am just shy of 87, been questing. Not had 1 recipie anyone else have this problem?

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    They drop everywhere, including normal dungeons. But random drops are random and you're very unlikely to get even a couple with just a few dungeon runs. I managed to get 4 while leveling from 85-90 on my first jc, 1 in a dungeon and 3 in the world, 2 of which were literally on consecutive mobs, and then only 2 so far on my second jc who just hit 88. Of course it's possible you'll do better, but don't plan on it, you probably will get to 90 or close to in the time it takes you to get most of them.

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    Think you are deaming if you believe you will get most of them just from running a few instances. As people said its a world drop and rng dependent. It depends on killing mobs, although you cna get some from Vale quests. I have known people to get several before they even left Jade Forest and others to get only one for 85-90 so youd better hope the rng is kind to you. If you arent getting any then focus on killing mobs. Id expect to have about half of them by 90, but if you are unlucky just get a jc in guild to cut you some. It takes as long as it takes.

    I preferred the system where you could farm boe recipes as they were yet another item to sell. These days everyone has every design.

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    Same situation for my druid, have done a couple of hours of questing and maybe 3 or 4 instances and have 4 meta cuts now. You'll get them... eventually
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    I've actually had the best luck with the Treasures of the Vale... I've been getting recipes at about 50% in those...

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    I have a suspicion they only drop from mobs that might plausibly be carrying recipes, just as cloth does - so not from beasts etc. When leveling, I seemed to get them in bursts - I'd get about 3 in fairly close succession, then nothing for whole levels. I thought it might be that Blizzard were rationing them, so going up some levels unlocked access to some, but now I suspect it was just RNG but the mid-zones involved a lot of animals etc that could not drop them.

    I've belatedly starting doing GL dailies, and got another burst of about 3-4 recipes last night - from Mogu spirits and IIRC in a treasure of the Vale reward. I haven't done many 5 mans or LFR on my JC, but have had some drops with what I've done. Basically, you have to play your JC to get the drops.

    I understand the OPs reluctance to level alts to 90: I'm struggling with my fifth. There's no reason to rush, but picking up meta-gem recipes is a good reason to make some progress. You can always pause when you have a few key ones you need for your main.

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    I just got agile running normal mode shado pan monestary...so it's possible.
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    Last recipe I needed I got while randomly killing some mobs in Jade Forest. I was pretty suprised; most of the patterns I did get were from raids or dailies.

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    The patterns drop like there was no tomorrow..
    I had all except one meta-recipe after 2 days, strictly from questing in JF and Vo4W.. The last recipe dropped after about a week..
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    Currently only missing a PvP one (something with 10% reduced fear duration). Levelled to 90 by questing, did most of the Klaxxi quests and got exalted with Golden Lotus (3 or 4 recipies came from the end reward) and revered with August Celestials and Shado-Pan. Haven't really used the character for anything other than that, to give a rough estimate of drop-rates. My Jewelcrafter is a druid, so I typically can go by with only killing the bare minimum of quest targets.

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