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    My Demonic Fury Tracker (WeakAuras & LUA Edit)

    Hey guys, first of all I didn't know whether to put this in the UI forum or not so if it needs changing I hope a mod can help with that!

    So since the introduction of 5.0.4 I've seen plenty of threads asking what demonic fury bar people are using and/or asking for the best option. Before I decided to go ahead and make this bar I have been using the Shadowed Unit Frames default bar which isnt bad but it means it is tied to my unit frames, which I'm not keen on.

    Anyway I made this using WeakAuras with a little bit of LUA script editing to change the colour of the bar when it is okay to stance dance.

    Currently the model I made changes green when Fury > 750 meaning you can spend some Demonic Fury. It goes back to the usual "demonology purple" when Demonic Fury < 750 meaning you need to keep building.
    It also shows your mana in percent (yeah I realised I spelt it wrong in the image...).
    The colour can be easily changed in the WeakAuras menu without any LUA editing by changing the colour under the "Colour" section of "Animation."

    So here are a few screenshots and then my overall UI (which, by the way, is in the middle of being readapted using mainly weakauras so it is A MESS!)

    My UI is here if people care, I thought the screenshot was too big to embed: http://i.imgur.com/yBICA.jpg

    I was also thinking of changing the colour to grey or something when out of Meta, but I havent got round to looking into it yet.

    If you guys want to try it out and give some feedback/improvements or clean up the LUA script then go ahead. Its my first attempt in editing LUA so be nice :P



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    Just gonna bump this because I think it could help a lot of people, especially new to warlocks, and it didn't get much recognition when I posted it.

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    i'll second that bump,

    not a demo lock, but thats a cool concept. I may steal it and try to use it to track embers

    great work tho =]

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    Im wondering if anyone could make this for TellMeWhen?

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    This looks very good mate, will definatly stick it in for Demo!
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    is there anyway this could be made for powerauras? i dont use weak auras, but im strongly considering installing it just for this!

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