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    The best way to tame rare pets right now is either to switching CRZ, preferably to one of the realms without CRZ. All you need is a friend of equal or higher level to invite you.

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    There are realms without crz? 0.o

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    The Venture Co (US) is the only realm without CRZ that I know of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    A) There was absolutely NO camped mobs in Vanilla, except for a possible few rep maws, like Felwoods Furbolgs. Rare mobs in Vanilla droped crap gear.
    B) I played during Vanilla. The amount of ppl in the world depended on your server- A high pop server, nothing really changed since Vanilla. A low pop server, you could easily be the only person farming herbs/ores/skins in EPL.
    C) Any "competition" was because ore/herb nodes were VERY scarce compared to now. Early Pandaria, when you could literally go between 3 ghost iron nodes for a good hour before they stoped respawning? That rate was over 50x the rate back in Vanilla. You herb a herb, it wouldnt be back for almost 10 mins, rather then the 1 min it is now.
    D) During BC, the "compitition" was more due to the wanted herbs/ores being in highly concentrated areas that were ALSO lvl 70 daily questing areas.
    E) During Wrath, we get more of the non-CRZ emptiness of the world. Northrend was very large, and the good stuff was spread out over a HUGE area, most of which, you quested through once and then you were done. When LFD came out, most ppl either sat in cities queing (Nobody being near the BG warmasters out in the world helped with that) or manually entered raid instances. Only time you would see ppl out and about was either VERY quick dailies or farming.
    F) The main emptiness came with cata. 5 zones of interest to max lvl ppl, down from 7-8. Herbs located in 1 specific zone, rather then spread out amongst 4 zones. Ores were extremely plenty, and you could use phasing to your advantage to get a significant amount of phased nodes. Zones were big, nodes were plentiful, the only time you might see another player on your realm was in TB.

    The way the world used to be during Vanilla was because of the small number of servers, the scarcity of herbs, and the smaller size of zones compared to now. You were much more likely to notice someone farming at the same time as you, because the nodes were scarce. During BC, on my small server, a rare spawn could be up for a week before 3 ppl got together to down it (Or someone awesome/geared managed to solo it). During Wrath, there was no noticable competition for ANYTHING but the TLPD. During Cata, same thing except with Aeonaxx/Posidus after 4.1

    Even now, in Pandaria, on the smaller servers, the world is relatively empty, except for whereever you need to do dailies at. CRZ was not very thought out by blizzard- Realm communities that had been a small server suddenly found themselves thrown into an area that had the feel of a large server. Large servers got even more competition, without anything going back to the realm itself. Low levels who could level in relative peace in a pvp realm (Beyond the occasional high lvl searching for low lvl stuff, or equal lvl pvp) now find themselves constantly ganked by players who camp a low lvl zone for hours.

    When Molten Front came out, I didn't hear anything much about how ppl lagged in it, or how there was too many players. PvP realms would occaisonally feel some pvp when a 10v10 happened spontaneously, but it wasn't common. CRZ comes out, and ppl are either like "I CANT GET ANYTHING DONE DUE TO LAG" or "I CANT GET ANYTHING DONE BECAUSE OF THE 80 ALLIANCE TEABAGING US 20 HORDE" or w/e. There are some ppl who like the feeling of more ppl out in the world- theres either a louder group, or a larger group that hates CRZ with a passion.
    Actually, there were rare pets camped by hunters in Vanilla. There was a boar in BL that was hella rare, and certain rares had pet abilities that could only be learned by that particular pet. There was also a shadow-damage wolf, and an acid-spitting hyena I believe.

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    Have tamed Gondria and Loque both within 2 days with CRZ. Don´t know what you´re talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphorism View Post
    The Venture Co (US) is the only realm without CRZ that I know of.
    I'm fairly certain it is linked with Maelstrom.

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    Check early morning... Like 6 am early. You would find them before long doing that.

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    Well if you are a non hunter and you come and kill hunter pets , you should get a brain tumor caus it is the most saddest thing to do...yes my opinion , if you see a hunter taming 1 you should just let him. If you tamed it then your free to kill his ass, whats worth more ? seeing some1 happy after 6 days of camping or making his camp over longer ? wouw speaking about community guys! Great going! I bet 9/10 people here who says " hahahaha i kill hunter petz lolz" or making a life of a hunter camper even worse then it is you have no right to speak about the community caus i think you are 1 of the reason this community is getting worse and worse!

    ( yes i camped 6 fucking days for loque nahak back in wotlk , when i targeted it after 6 days , 12-14 hours a day spamming my /target macro i was SO happy and so thrilled! the hunt was over and i got my pet! so please , think before killing some1 pet, you might make their day and do a /cheer , or you might brake their week and make them depressed, yes depressed)

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    If your a Hunter worth your salt, you know the following;
    - The harder the capture, the more awesome the feeling of accomplishment.
    - People are shit and have been since the "Kill all the rare mobs" achievements were added in WotLK.
    - Knowing this, the accomplished Hunter simply takes it as par for the course. Pull that rare to a spot thats harder to see than the middle of an open field. Glyph your tame pet ability. Theres lots of things you can do to achieve a tame of a beast that is in the sights of the non-Hunter community.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    My server was quite empty in BC so maybe I'm just used to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroEdgeir View Post
    CRZ is meant to make the world seem populated again. The way rares and resources were designed to be handled by. Not the empty-world you saw in late WotLK and all of Cata.

    Welcome back to "working as intended".

    ---------- Post added 2012-12-13 at 10:36 AM ----------

    Other realms? No. Other players of roughly equal count? Yes. 5-6 hunters camping one Spirit Beast spawn? Believable back in WotLK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notamonk View Post
    There are realms without crz? 0.o
    Yes, servers in battlegroups that have no other server of the same type like usually PVP-RP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulosio View Post
    Check early morning... Like 6 am early. You would find them before long doing that.
    The problem with that is CRZ will keep the zone populated at night as well. I'd be fine with CRZ if it toned down at odd hours. I hate logging in at early hours to see a large # of hunters camping, and seeing the same number in mid day.

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