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    Cheers for the valor while I watch TV!

    Currently, LFR offers nothing for me, and I assume many others. And those who have started the Black Prince rep, will know about the 6000 valor quest. So here's what I am doing.

    Enter LFR, follow the group during trash, cast a couple of spells just to pass the time, then AFK for the boss fights. Collect valor and gold/shards from gear and queue up for the next one. I guess I should say thanks to the few who actually bother to take part in boss kills, appreciate it, keep up the good work. Meanwhile I get to catch up on some TV shows I've recorded on my TiVo.

    Just out of interest, I am wondering how many people are doing a similar thing, I notice people AFK all the time, usually healers. I know i'm not alone, and no, I don't feel "guilty", I got tired of boosting people long ago, I think it's only fair I let other people do the work for once.

    That is all.

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    I can't justify your actions, haven't you thought that ppl like you(now) is/was making lfr horrible experience

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    You're welcome.

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    And you are a douchebag, abusing the system and other players. When I see people like you I make sure to get them kicked. You're wasting our time. Stop playing the game.


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    -insert nasty word here- -insert a another nasty word here- shame on you.

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    I don't see a thread you use to validate your abuse of the LFR system as a thread that has any use.


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