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    Gear Issues

    1. Which tierpieces is realy BiS if u are doing normals? To me it seems it is all apart the head and use the head from Garalon but i dont know if its the right calculated.
    2. Does anyone know the bis trinkets for demo from normals? I got atm DMF plus Light of the cosmos. But i am concernd about this Essence of terror since fair enough the int is awesome but the uptime on the trinket is quite much more worse than light of the cosmos.

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    Essence sims higher than Light. Despite the long cd on the proc. There really isn't such a thing as "normal bis". BiS is best in slot period. That said, the helm is our off set. But really get what you can get. If you get the normal version of the tier helm, get that. If you can get the Garalon helm, get that. And build your set accordingly.

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