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    BrM tanking Elegon 10 normal trouble

    Hey guys, so last night my guild started attempts on Ele 10 normal mode, the set up is as follows:

    prot warr
    BrM monk

    resto sham
    resto druid

    shadow priest
    ele sham
    feral druid
    fury warr
    fire mage
    sv hunter

    We appear to have the dps for the fight, we hit 10% ish with 1:05 till enrage, the problem im having, is im taking HUGE amounts of damage all over the place. The bosses breath hits like a truck, even with guard up, and the add usually does a ton of damage when it overloads. The sparks are also beating me down pretty bad. I guess the main question here, is does anyone have any helpful tips? Ive tried taking diffuse magic for the adds overload when im tanking, which really has helped a lot, but im feeling a bit iffy about taking guard glyph. A lot of people are saying RJW also beats Xuen, thoughts?

    Also, the warrior tank doesnt seem to last very long when tanking the boss. Usually by 9 stacks he's dead. Should i be waiting for the add to overload before entering the boss area and taunting, or will i not take very much damage if i leave to taunt the boss as soon as he starts to overload?

    Finally, when the boss hits 20% and starts to soft enrage, are we able to reset our stacks, or will leaving the zone which is now surrounded with electricity, one shot? We was so close that no one had the balls to try :P

    Raid starts in 1 hour 40 minutes, any help before then is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Can we get a armory link?

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    You should still get out and reset as tank in the last phase and tankswap at whatever stack you feel comfortable with, or after each breath

    And yh glyph guard and use it at every breath i'm usually able to soak the entire breath and still have abit of guard still up on hc mode, and if your having trouble with enrage try getting an extra set of orbs preferably during the first orb phase even if you have no trouble with enrage it will still give you a shorter fight and give healers abit more mana in p3

    Also not sure if your doing it but if you time keg smash you can make it hit all 3 orbs at your side whitch might help the dps abit

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    Setup: Glyph Guard, Diffuse Magic. Set up a transcendence spot on the "button" along w/ your Ox Statue.

    This is how we do it. Other tank pulls Elegon while I stay outside of the field and just cast Jade Lightning until the 1st protector spawns, then roll in and take Elegon while original tank picks up Protector. Have Fort Brew rolling when Total Annihilation goes off. Other tank picks up Elegon and I transcendence to clear stacks then roll back in and pick up add. I let TA go off before entering the field and picking up Elegon. Hopefully your DPS is high enough that you aren't getting a 3rd protector, if not make sure Diffuse Magic is up for the next TA you can soak (while using Guard for breaths).

    Once the pillars are up watch for the adds on your side to start spawning and pick them up with Dizzy Haze. I'll tank 1 but once his friends start spawning I gather them up and start to pull them together and then towards the button where the other tank should be meeting up with you. Just keep spamming DH on the adds and kiting them (leg sweep to stun) and let the other tank pick up Elegon when the floor is back. Once you have agro on all the adds roll into the field and pull them in towards Elegon to get cleaved down and let the other tank pick up the first protector (since you should have less stacks). Then you repeat the same pattern as mentioned before.

    FYI you can roll through the electricity fields and sometimes take zero damage otherwise just use Expel Harm to top yourself off from the 1 tick you take. If your group isn't downing the pillars at the same time you will probably have to many adds to handle anyways. Most groups first kill also results in the "straight six" achievement because of this fact.

    Question answers:
    - I keep Xuen for this fight for better damage on Elegon himself
    - You can try to get in and taunt Elegon but the other tank will still probably be in the field when TA goes off. I've found it better for the protector tank to stay out of the field so healers can concentrate on him and Elegon tank just needs to use CD's and externals to survive.
    - Yes you can leave the field in the burn phase the tick or two you take from stepping out is well worth clearing stacks, try to time it so the Elegon tank has low stacks when breaths come around. This is only the case of the tanks I don't think heal/dps clear stacks in this phase.

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    Just use glyphed guard, diffuse magic and zen meditation for the breaths. The damage outside of those is easily manageable. I personally used xuen, since the only thing that i aoe on that fight is the little adds.

    Pro tip. You can sometimes time diffuse magic and zen meditation so they absorb both the elegons breath and the overload.

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    Suggest not glyphing guard... Tanked it at very low ilvl, around 470 as MT.

    Ill write everything i think would be helpful as a Brm, sorry if parts aren't ^^

    MT with DW (not needed but better dps/guards on others)
    /dbm pull 10, pot on 3 with agility pot etc charge in

    charge in, summon Xuen, Tiger Palm to get buff, Keg smash -> blackout kick, jab jab guard, use keg smash off cooldown while spamming Blackout kick, use guard off cooldown (unless u constantly die to breaths then save for them). If you keep tiger palm up/pre pot/xuen and BoK to keep shuffle up you'll pull 100k+ burst

    I find that breaths are ok to deal with, if you do not take annilate dmg + breath so... when adds doing "annilation" or what not, use diffuse magic, normally u get a breath but should take no dmg, OT taunts, you pick add up.

    Dps it, keeping guard/shuffle up, plus pushing crap tons dps like 60/80k, at 25% move him outside the ring/zone, at 0% (annilation) stand near ranged group and use zen mediatate, never taking dmg from annilation..

    Take boss, he should hit {P2, no more adds, do the orbs, kill-reset etc..

    P3, adds HURT alot. they hurt any and every tank, just pick em up, and try and protect yourself from them, use guard, and leg sweep to stun them, also use F brew here as you should not have used it previously on elegon.
    take adds infront of control machine thing, so everyone can aoe and you MT boss again, repeat. Tiger palm, shuffle/guard, on annilate use diffuse magic, tank swap, u dps add, move out at 30%, on annilate zen meditate, you take boss, on annilate use F brew if you have it, else just guard /ask to be topped of or cooldowned...
    P2 + P3 again, on last phase, take adds to control machine, but run in, MT boss and everyone stacks on side... After the OT kills the adds with group, he should taunt, facing boss same way you was, you run reset stats, taunt nuke, OT runs resets stats and taunts, repeat... Easy

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    Our group runs myself as BrM and a Blood DK. Generally, our DK pulls and I just chill on the edge of the field until the first add spawns. I then double roll my way in and taunt Elegon and our DK drags the add off for it to die. We generally only get 2 adds in the first part (it is getting close to 1 at the moment) and we only get 1 add after the first spark phase.

    The thing that stopped us getting trucked by adds in the pillar phase, was making sure each DPS took care of their own pillar corresponding to the spark they kill. If done correctly, it will also net you [Straight Six] at the same time as the pillars should all die essentially at the same time. As they all go down quickly, the most adds I have seen on my side is 4 or 5. With 1 or 2 dying almost as soon as the third add pops up. Just remember to be using your tanking cooldowns with the adds as they do hit like little tiny trucks at times.

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    We have Warrior and BrM (me) tanking. Doing this heroic.
    I usually start and we switch Tanks with every add, resetting the stacks. We have 2 Adds killed before first spark phase. Every DPS for one spark, later for one pillar. The Tanks are helping the lower DPS. We kill about 5 Sparks every phase.

    Then in the Pillar phase we have 1 DD per pillar (+Tank, 1 each side, for the adds obviously). We kill the pillars at the same time (almost ) then we meet up at the button. I roll to Elegon and turn im around. For the last Phase use fortifying brew, glyphed guard, and diffuse magic. Thats about it.
    BrM is so great to tank the adds. Just throw your Barrels and everything is cool. Whatever you do, dont get your adds rooted or they will hit anyone who is close enough.

    When your DPS seems too low but your heal is okay make sure you dont tankswap too often or have your melees reset the stacks later. They have defensive cooldowns too (exept they are in the heroic total annihilation rotation)

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    Our strat is slightly different to those here.

    Blood DK
    BrM (me)

    DK Starts tanking first
    - I run in as well helping DPS
    Protector #1 spawns:
    - I taunt it to the edge using only some stored shuffle as a defense
    As the protector dies, I've obviously reset stacks and have taunted the boss by the time Annihilate has triggered
    - Glyphed guard for first breath
    - Diffuse Magic for 2nd breath
    - Relic + Shuffle + FB + EB for melee protection
    DK clears stacks and then returns to boss reversing our roles.
    Recently we've had to stop dps on boss as the 2nd protector tended to spawn at the same time as phase transition, potentially now only have to worry about 1 add.

    After the orb (5 waves killed - using touch of death on 5th) + pillars phase, We run to the control panel and I roll into the boss as the floor comes up and have the DK handle the small adds (AoE Grip + Blood shield, etc). After the 50% phase switch, the boss is around 30-35%. I take boss first, going to 9-12 stacks, DK taunts after resetting stacks and keeps it till the end.

    Only thing I could really do different is to Zen Med the Annihilate after I've finished protector duty.

    As for boss positioning, standard 90 degree dragon works for us (from control panel), although obviously, no tail swipe or sides (gotta love BWD) to worry about.

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    I co-tank with a DK, and for Elegon, we prefer that I tank more often.

    Being able to use Glyphed Guard, Diffuse Magic, and Zen Meditation to negate breaths, makes us very powerful for this encounter. Timing your Elusive Brew for the melee directly after a breath will help you survive the spikiness of the melee swings. I usually use Glyphed Guard, Diffuse Magic, Glyphed Guard, Zen Meditation (that order) for tanking the boss from pull until the 2nd add spawns, then our DK taunts off of me and I do a quick keg smash on the add and Rollx2 with Momentum to the designated spot for dps to burn down. Since I get there so much faster, I can clear my stacks really quick before he gets there.

    For orbs phase, help out your weakest dps on your side and make sure to let them know on the last wave you are attempting to kill that you will 1 shot it with Touch of Death, so swap off to the 2nd weakest dps to help them right away. I choose not to glyph ToD since it is easy to store 3 chi in the 3-5 waves you will be attempting to kill.

    The best advice I can give to making sure you live til the last phase is splitting your dps between the pillars. He starts casting faster once the first pillar goes down, so spreading the dps evenly got us from being overwhelmed by 20 adds (when we burned 1 pillar at a time) to only getting 4 or 5 total adds.

    Again, since we have so many ways to negate breaths, I'm the one to pick up Elegon when the floor respawns, and from there you just repeat.

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks so much for all the useful tips! Guild downed the boss tonight on our first try! Then we proceeded to 3 shot Will of the Emperor and 4shot 1st boss of HoF.

    Thanks again for the help, as always, the Monk community is awesome!


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