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    Need help on Blade Lord Ta'yak

    I'm having serious issues dodging the tornadoes while keeping the raid alive. Having to pay attention to the raid health bars while strafing and moving foward is just causing me too much distraction to do both well.

    The idea I have for tonight is using the macro (with glyphed riptide):
    /cast Riptide

    which will cycle though the raid and cast riptide on each one of them in turn (although it skips myself).

    Since I use a 2 button mouse, One hand is on the mouse to either move or target, and another on the keyboard to cast spells or to move. What my plan is, that when P2 starts, I put both hands on the keyboard, so I can cast with one while (using the macro to rotate between who I am targeting) and another to move (mapping left/right to strafe).

    Any ideas if this will turn out well, or another way to handle this. Maybe I just need more practice amount dodging while healing the raid.

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    We had a similar problem. We constantly had healers getting caught up in tornadoes.

    The solution we found was simply keeping healing whilst running to an absolute minimum. We have everyone wait a few seconds get fully healed then running off using defensive cooldowns along the way. With hots people should be getting to the other side with 1/4-1/2 health then getting big heals on the next platform. The most important part is the healers getting to the other side. If they dont you may as well wipe it.

    We then let the healers leave at 12% once everyone is sufficiently healed so that they are the first people to the other side ready to heal.

    Really helps if you have people with speed increases as well. I pop Spirit Walk on the second run, our druid pops their speed increase on the first one.
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    Usually we have a disc priest, resto druid and me (resto shaman) healing, me going enhancement when there's no need for 3 healers.
    But the first time we did this, I went as healer (the resto druid was at work or something), and we did it in the first try.

    What I did was I popped Spiritwalker's Grace on the first part, seeing as both of our healers got cought in the tornadoes on our previous tries, and I wanted to keep everyone alive, then popped HST when I came to the boss and a significant of players were in range. On the second tornado phase I just ran and healed as we were going across.
    The trick is to see where the tornadoes are coming. I'm not sure how good your computer is, or how that affects the tornado-phase (mine is like 3 years old with medium+ speccs at the time).
    When I came to where the boss is on the very last phase, I popped SLT and ascendance and just spam-healed - hoping for the best, and still our disc priest hadn't come across.
    In my experience, the trick is to see where the tornadoes are coming and avoiding them, aswell as using riptide on all of the targets in range, hoping that they avoid the tornadoes as well.
    Personally I have never had any problem avoiding them, and LFR is a great tool learning how to avoid them.
    It all comes down to training on how not to get caught tornadoes tbh, and saving as much mana as possible until the last phase.

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    If you have a druid get them to stampeding roar make sure your in ghost wolf form at this point and run across as fast as possible before the buff expires after that top of who ever is in range and is low on hp and get to the boss. As the boss is getting to 10% you want to jump in a tornado making sure your full hp as the tornado will take you to the other side of the room, i normally jump in the tornado as the boss hits 11.5% hp as dots tend to tick him over and i dont have to run across no more and just wait for people to come and for the boss and finish him off, that's all i could advise you on healing that boss as resto shaman.

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    Just don't heal and run. Take totemic projection and save HTT. About 1/4 of the way across drop it, and then move it when you get over half way. This should keep everyone on near full hp going into the last 1/4 of the run. Then use the slipstreams on the way back.

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    A good tactic on this fight is to pause before running the tornado gauntlet to let healers get hots and whatnot up and heal everyone up to full before people make the run. It made all the difference for our healers.

    It's a lot for healers to deal with trying to heal people up on the run.

    It's a lot easier to get everyone topped off and hotted/shielded/using healthstones and ghost wolf the run across to safety and then heal.
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    Ye I can see how you can have problems healing during that phase, as I'm a healer myself (Holy paladin) and it can get kinda stressful on tornado phase :P
    As far as avoiding the tornadoes goes, well I almost do it without thinking, I'll be looking at grid and always moving to one side lol maybe it's just me, but I can kinda see in my peripheral vision the tornadoes as they come, even when I'm focusing on grid. Not to take anything from you, that's just how I see it per se.

    Basically just use the strafe keys, if you have them...that's all I use...whilst running forward of course. I've 2 healed this with a disc priest, I don't think paladins are especially great for this fight in P2 at least, but we managed it. When P2 starts, make sure you all hold after getting dropped off the tornado and aoe heal up, apply hots/shields etc and run together as a group, if anyone runs off they will most likely die (if they cant heal themselves).

    There's always 1 or 2 people that get caught in tornadoes, even the healer got caught in it last run and it does make it a lot harder to heal but once you reach the boss its a lot easier and you can heal all up ready for the 2nd transition.

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    We wait for everyone to heal up to full. I use UE+HR and a HST for this and start rip tiding people. Once they are full they are instructed to make the run. In the middle of the run I put down a HTT and that helps anyone that gets low or messes up. The first run is all you have to do if you have the whole raid except 1 or 2 head back to the other end using the streams around 12% you don't even have to make another tornado run.

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    I personally abhor RT glyph.

    You can keep the whole raid up with Ascendance->SWG->GHW spam on the first run, and a HTT on the 2nd run.

    if you can't easily cast while moving you need to rethink the way you play. consider using an addon like Vuhdo or Grid that allows you to easily set up comfortable and efficient healing binds.

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