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    The Frost Mage and the Reforge

    Hello mages.

    I'm a relatively fresh frost mage who just got dipped his fingers into the bounties of the epic loot offered by the LFR. As the encounters there weren't very steep in terms of DPS requirement, I felt comfortable where I was. 50k is quite good compared to the mediocre 35-40k I did prior to my hit cap.

    However, I've recently joined a new guild and I'm constantly at the bottom of the pack. While my gear offers limited possibilities to boost the DPS I do, I felt let down by the small increase brought by the two-tier pieces. I just expected to do...more.

    And now I turn to you for help. I understand that frost primarily needs haste before crit and mastery, but I have no idea what I should reforge.

    Can you mage veterans offer me a few tips regarding on what to reforge and how to gem?
    I'm getting used to the new ( and annoying) invocation mechanic and I've got a grip on the frost rotation, and such I do not think that the cause of my faulty DPS lies there.

    Thanks for reading a newbie's plea. Advices will be much appreciated. If you also have tips on rotation and choices of the level 90 talent, I'll be more than glad to hear them out.

    Armory link : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Valesh/simple

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    Thank you. I'll check out those sites. However, I'd like some more advice on which numbers should I strive to reach and how much dps should I push in my current gear. Is 50-60k a good dps for MSV 10 normal? We're currently doing Elegon normal and the average DPS I'm pulling is somewhere around 80k. Thing goes pretty smooth, but we've wiped a couple of times on the last phase.

    Should I forget about resetting the stacks and push through dps as hard as I can? ( of course, I'll save the trinkets and the cooldowns for that part )

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    You lack 6 enchants and 2 gems. One of those enchants is your weapon which will be a big boost. Theres no secret to reforging.. get hit capped, then use the priority haste>crit>mastery. I can't tell you how much dps you should be doing each fight though, there's too many variables.

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    Our group doesn't reset stacks on the last phase. We kit the sparks under the boss, dps the sparks down with AoE/cleaves (everyone) and then focus on the boss. I can't remember how many stacks we hit on our first kill (it was in the teens for sure), but today we hit about 8 - 9.

    Your dps on Elegon depends on how much boss time you get. I dont get that much compared to my melee counterparts, as I'm on the big adds then boss, then adds..etc. That said, looking at your gear, I think you are doing fine. MrRobot is a good source for stat/gear/reforging.

    edit: He has windsong on his weapon. This is pretty good enchant if you dont want to spend the gold on Jade spirit.
    I do agree that the gems and rest of the enchants are needed. Consider swapping out the blue gem for a purple gem so you can work on getting your meta. Or get two reckless (intl/haste) and get your meta. You can reforge for hit if needed. Dont forget expertise = hit for us.
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