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    Worth coming back for (mostly) PvP?

    The new WoW expansion, MoP, has me interested in the game. I have been gone for a while now.

    My question is -- is PvP in MoP fantastic? I don't really have the time for raiding, and thus would mostly be doing PvP during the "endgame."

    What say you? Is it worth coming back for almost solely PvP at the highest level? Or is it really not worth it at this point?

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    The only fantastic thing about MoP PvP is the ridiculous amount of CC. Don't bother.

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    Unless you're doing RBG's and/or arena random BG's are overrun with bots. If you play late night you will sometimes be the only human player on your team. No, I am not exaggerating.

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    rbgs are the only fun thing left tbh.

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    The main reason I play WoW is because of PvP. And I'm still playing.

    If you're like me who just does whatever he wants in-game (PvP, PvE, casual raids etc) than it's worth to come back. If you only do hardcore and get frustrated quickly, then don't.

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    Once they get burst in line and tone down overall healing output it could turn out to be very good. They have fixed the issue with PvE gear in PvP, unfortunately they added even more instant CC to the game (even warlocks think bloodfear is stupid).

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    The PvE is great in MoP, however PvP has been a bloody disaster so far, its not worth it for pvp alone at the moment.

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    You are better off with Guild wars 2(strictly for pvp only tho) or other pvp games like Dota/LoL/Dota2 etc.

    Unless you really really want specifically WoW..
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    Most honest answer I can give you is wait until they fix mages and warriors slightly.

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    Wait a month or two, then ask again. Things are kinda messed up right now.
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    If you're playing above 2200+ arena is mostly okay, I'm still enjoying it and most teams you can beat if you learn to counter their burst.

    I can't comment on RBGs.

    If you're planning on coming back, i'd recommend it. Season 13 or 5.2 (whatever comes first) will probably be pretty good so get 90 and geared before then.
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    Dont bother right now. Bliz is making it hard to gear up for pvp on alts/ late joiners. As previously posted, the CC amount is outrageous.
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    Holy bajebus, it's that bad?

    Oh well, thanks for the warning.

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    Not yet, next season tho.

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    The insane amount of burst makes PvP a matter of luck atm. Whomever clicks his CC first and burst in 4-5 secs wins (remember WotLK?).
    I would consider that before I resub. Cataclysm was better from that perspective imo.

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    Wait for 5.2 and then maybe it will be ok then maybe...

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    for purely pvp? depends on he class. just purely for the leveling experience/story line, then end game content grind of getting basic gear is ok. if your playing casually, get a character to max level, get basic pvp and pve gear its fun and still worth it. my main has always been a disc priest. no1 likes me at the moment so my second character i always level is my pally, looks like im going holy to say the least. the bottom barrel for classes/spec right now(pvp) is anything rogue, healing priests, monks, dks are kinda squishy also. resto druids, warriors, mages, warlocks, are all very strong right now. spriests were very good for utility, the best hybrid, but they nerfed hybrid class heals last patch. i suggest watching the recent video lead game designer Tom Chilton did on pvp and class balance.
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    Absolutely not. People said that SWTOR's PvP was bad because it had too much CC. Well I just resubbed back to SWTOR for PvP. What do you think that tells you about the state of CC in WoW?

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