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    How bad is 3 melee 10 man.

    How bad would a DK, Rogue, Ret be in a 10 man raid team. Our two range would be an spriest and afflict warlock. If it's terrible ill make the ret turn holy and we will grab mage for crit. But how bad is it?

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    In my Opinion everything is doable. We have DK, Feral, Ret in our Raid and cleared everything easily on Normal and 4/6 in Mogushan (no spirit kings, no will) and we'll go for more heroics this week.

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    Do you think the crit buff is a must have? It's the only one were missing we have did 6/6 and 2/6 so far without it with a slow start in general seems fine atm.

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    It's not terrible, especially this tier. Some fights actually favor melee as opposed to range and vice-versa. However, remember that some fights are single tank so you actually have more but yeah, it's not terrible. Crit buff is a pretty decent buff especially being melee heavy as you are. You can get by without it I'm sure though.

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    Thanks for the reply guys

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    We run with 3 dk's and an enhancement shaman, with a lock and either ele shaman or spriest as the second ranged. We 2 heal it, so that it works like that. Then on 1 tank fights, throw another melee in the mix with me as a ret pally. :P

    I don't really like that we're so stacked with melee, but so far it's worked. Though by worked, I mean we've slowly progressed, just not at the speed I'd prefer. :P

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    3 is pushing it. 1-2 will be easier for fights like Elite Protectors (huge AoE at the end), Sha (picking up orbs), Elegon (resetting stacks) H IVZ (only 2 shields), H Garalon (kiters), etc. Melee aren't at a huge disadvantage for any fight this tier, but having too many can cause problems.

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    3 Melee is pretty damn bad unless you plan on sticking to normal modes. 2's doable but even then it's not needed, ranged > melee just about everywhere sadly.

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    Trade Spriest for mage and profit.

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    We have 4 melee, 5 on 1 tank fights. Seems fine for the most part but Garalon HC was a butt ache as melee have to kite = lot more dps loss than ranged having to kite.

    8/16HC btw.

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    I have noticed recent fight designs have gone away from being melee friendly. Almost everything in this teir focous on very mobile boss fights which unfotuinately leaves melee a bit lacking.

    This its self leads to an issue with DPS, people want those high DPS numbers and will stack groups accordingly which right now is in favor of ranged heavy groups

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    I would get the ret to go holy if hes ok with it........ holy paladins are gr8 healers to have in ur comp, and a mage dps is also better than a ret dps imo.

    best things about a ret pala... he can do as a holy... so rly doesnt matter wot spec he plays.

    stuff like hand of purity is amazing for fights like bladelord hc, but as i said.. ret or holy.. can do it in any spec

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    H Garalon will be a cunt. Everything else should be doable.
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    Elegon, normal and heroic could be a pain. A lot of downtime on the boss if your ranged can't deal with the adds and during the transitions, but like other said, every fight should be possible. Just how well they perform.

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    It's workable but I would not advise it for a heroic guild. You are just going to find yourselves unnecessarily held back by your lack of ranged DPS. Personally the way I like to construct my raids are 2 melee DPS, 3 ranged DPS, 3 healers (one with competitive ranged DPS spec) and 2 tanks (1 with a competative melee DPS spec). On 2 heal, 1 tank fights this will leave you with 3 melee and 4 ranged. It's been my experience that this is the ideal setup for most fights. Or just stacking ranged is always an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xothic View Post
    H Garalon will be a cunt. Everything else should be doable.
    The only boss that rewards you for standing in melee range? I'm missing something here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    The only boss that rewards you for standing in melee range? I'm missing something here.

    Less ranged DPS for the legs that will be standing in pools.

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    Get a guardian tank for crit?

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    11/16 heroic and we run 3 melee DPS.

    4 on some fights where I don't tank, like heroic protectors.

    Having a lot of melee on Shek'zeer isn't great for P2, as is having a lot of melee for Ambershaper. Garalon is absolutely fine with 3 melee, but if you bring 4 expect your DPS to plummet as one will have to inevitably do pheromones.

    I think two is the safest number, but three is certainly workable (except for a few fights).

    The first few times you do these encounters you might think they are really awful for melee, but all in all this tier isn't as bad as T11 was for melee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    The only boss that rewards you for standing in melee range? I'm missing something here.

    You need more kiters on heroic because the debuff lasts 4 minutes instead of 2. If you're too melee heavy, one or more of them might have to end up in the rotation, making it a dps loss.

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