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    Tsulong Help


    My guild started Tsulong last week, and we are making progress. Last week our best attempt was about 25%, yesterday we were able to get to about 11% before hitting enrage.
    I feel like I need to push a little extra healing on my side to help meet to the enrage timers as much as I possibly can, so here I am asking for some advice and tips

    My basic plan is: Casting divine light shortly before the cast for Sun breath cast is over, and to make sure I am going into a sun breath with 5Holy Power. As soon as I get that first divine light off, I cast an eternal flame, then execution sentence, then a flash of light on Tsulong to get that third holy power and anEternal flame on one of the tanks for the additional heals on Tsulong via beacon.

    I'm also very curious to how other healers are doing this, so any information is valuable.

    I would post logs, but apparently I cannot post links.
    But on our better attempts I was doing about 113k HPS and managed to do about 34m healing on Tsulong.
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    Please use this thread for specific character help.


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