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    Where to sell gaming desktop

    I am planning to sell or trade in desktop. Any good stores/locations around Los Angeles area?

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    That's a tough one in general. I've never heard of a place that'll take in a used desktop PC in exchange for new. Aside from pawn shops I would say your best best is craiglist, despite it being a hive of scum and villainy.

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    I suggest you part out everything on forums or ebay and sell the case locally.

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    Trade in for gift cards is fine, like best buy or someplace ?

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    For the love of god, don't go to Best Buy... They will bend you over and then charge you for it. As everyone said, sell it online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruffi View Post
    Trade in for gift cards is fine, like best buy or someplace ?
    This is a "custom built" desktop, no bestbuy toys r us gamestop etc etc etc is going to trade in said item. You might get some mom and pop pc store to buy it, if they still exist.

    Basically you have craigslist, ebay, or start your own website etc. Facebook is another idea sell to a friend or friends friend.

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    I'd try selling locally on craigslist, if not part it out on Amazon.

    I stay away from ebay since paypal is required and they can do really shady stuff with your cash

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