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    Job Acceptance help

    Hey guys i got offered a job and i knew that my contract acceptance form must be completed and sent in by the 10/12/12 and its the 13/12/12 today and i only just remembered, i totally forgot about the form because i been out and the post did come late.i rang the employer stating that it came late and she seemed happy said *its okay as i got you down as a verball acceptance* then she said to still send the forms off, thats from a personell manager.
    But on the letter it says *return the forms no later than the 10th or employment will be withdrawn*

    What do i do guys do i still worry as i am thinking another manager could turn me down etcand im getting very stressed and upset or am i okay and you guys still think i got the job?

    Please help as it will ease my mind.

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    Explain the situation, don't stress about it. I'm sure the person you will deal with will be understanding.

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    But you did tell a manager at the company who should have written it down somewhere. So it shouldn't be a problem at all.
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    lol ur okay if u know who the person who first accept ur submission is. I mean, just save the phone number of that person who you said yes to by phone and call her if anything.

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    Thank you so much for your support,yes the personell manager wrote me down as a verball acceptance over the phone then i went to send my forms off a 2 hours ago the forms with my contract and bank details in it.thanks for support

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