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    New server ideas

    A while ago just after mop was released we moved our PVE guild from our server to Frostwhisper as we found ourselves with 1-2hr Login Ques.
    Now however our new server is dying resulting in us struggling to get an active raid group continuously so were find ourselves looking for a new server again.

    So i thought id ask here in the biggest forums

    We are looking for a busy server ( but not that busy that come next expansion it will be 1-2 hrs Ques again
    English speaking server ( EU ) ( PVP)
    Even though we are a PVE guild some of us like PVP so a server that its battle group that favors the Alliance would be great :P

    Any recommendations peps ?

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    If you don't mind a PvE server, Silvermoon EU is extremely Alliance dominated, where as Draenor EU is Horde. Not sure about PvP servers as I don't follow that scene maybe someone else can help.

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow "What server/class/etc" type threads here, as the choice is too subjective.

    I'd suggest looking at some realm population websites and guild recruitment forums, they may prove useful. Best of luck with your decision!

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