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    Sha of Fear help!!

    Hey guys, we made it! We are now 15/16 and on Sha of Fear. We thought this boss would not be much of a challenge but it has definitely turned out to be. We are using 2 tanks, 2 heals, 6 dps. It seems like every time we have the people split off for the crackle, they come back just in time for the next crackle. This is causing most of our wipes when they comes back late and we are a tank down on the main platform. We are spreading out on the outside platforms to pick up the orbs as soon as possible to prevent as much healing as possible. Any help or tips would be awesome. I believe our best attempt after 8 minutes was 42%.


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    Save DPS cooldowns for the platforms (I'd recommend all of them at first, then people can get a feeling of what to use and what to save), he shouldn't be getting a heal off at all just have your tank run around (including during death blossom) to pick them up, have people close to ones spawned grab them. The enrage is 15 minutes, a massive amount of time.
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    -dps, mostly just nuke the shit out of the panda, if there is an orb like half a feet away from you pick it up, but mainly focus on dps, listen to mumble/vent/whatever if healer and/or tank get feared, help picking up orbs then if needed, hide when death blossom
    -healer, help tank pick up orbs, hide when death blossom
    -tank, primary make sure you pick up orbs, don't hide when he uses death blossom, keep picking up orbs, use some CD if needed

    if you can nuke the panda in time it's pretty much gg

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    It is a long fight! We bloodlusted just before the first Crackel so the people going to the platform would be able to smash the Panda on the platform, while the people who stayed behind could kill the terror faster. Save all DPS CDs for Panda on platform. Have tank pop a CD to grab orbs during death blossom (if you have a Spriest have him disperse and help during this). Every orbs SHOULD BE PICKED UP. If not it returns 5%(?) health back to the Panda

    Try and coordinate the terror killings so you're all focusing on one. Stay out of breath. Win!

    Edit: Forgot to mention, you will be able to use Bloodlust again during this fight if you pop it during the first crackle. We beat the enrage timer by 45 seconds, so it helped a lot.

    Good Luck!

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    except the spriest with disperse , an hunter can detterence while the panda uses deathblossom too soak orbs.

    this made it easier for us atleast, though its completely doable by the tank solo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCD4LYFE View Post
    Every orbs SHOULD BE PICKED UP. If not it returns 5%(?) health back to the Panda
    I was going to ask if you were picking these up (a "is it plugged in" type question). Everyone on the platform should be picking those up.

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    DPS cooldowns should only be used at the shrines until you're able to get the mob down fast enough. Every water globe should be soaked up within 8 seconds so the mob doesn't ever heal himself. Even melee should be going to grab them if needed. They're great for healers, but make healers fight everybody else to grab them so that the mob never gets that heal. Have the tank eat death blossom (with CD if possible) to keep grabbing water globes.

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