Thread: Mage PvP help.

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    Mage PvP help.

    Alrighty guys, so...

    Apparently frost bomb was nerfed today? undocumented of course, at least that's what people have been telling me.

    2 questions really.

    Fire vs frost and how much resil if any do you gem? Ive also been told to gem resil. Thanks guys

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    320 Resi in yellow slots, 160 power 160 resi in blue, 80int 160 resi in red. I personally like to skip socket bonus in hands and waist

    Nether tempest for frost is very popular, frost bomb aint unplayable. Fire is doing fine, its all personal preference.

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    Also depends on what you play really. Frost bomb requires a frost bomb --> deepfreeze --> pop cd's before bombs explode setup now. This isn't a hard setup, but the skill of your opponents factors into if you get it off. I've found myself still blowing up people in random battlegrounds, but in RBG's 1900+ its just nr1 on the dispell list of people we try to burst, so i roll NT now.

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    Frost Bomb is still REALLY good in 2s for burst. Nether Tempest has shifted to the Frost mage preferred bomb. And Rhilin is spot on with the gemming.

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