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    Which character to level?

    So I am in Australia at the moment (am european) and wanted to try out MoP despite the sky high latency with the 10 day trial thing. And I'm just wondering, which character do you suggest I level? This is from a pvp perspective, which I will play when I get home. The characters are:

    Druid - Resto/boomkin os - Alch/ench
    Shaman - resto/ele os - Engi
    Paladin - holy/retri os - Bs/Jc
    Warlock - Tailoring/Ench

    Would prolly like one of the healers. I find them equal fun to play, so give me some other advice about which to pick!

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    I hear locks are pretty damn fun at the moment, although I may be wrong. I would seriously tell you to go with any one of those classes. I personally have a druid at 90 and I'm enjoying healing. I'm leading a re-roll guild and Warlocks seem to be the most popular out of your list!

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    I would suggest your Paladin because both Holy and Ret are pretty solid for both PVE and PVP, whereas Boomkins and Ele Shamans are fairly lackluster.

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    i would say the paladin their pretty stable currently

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    I'm sorry, but these kind of threads are too subjective to have any real discussion. They just get spammed with everyone's personal preference, but it's you who has to decide what to level. So we close these threads here

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