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    Question about berserker rage

    Lets say I use a CS while im enraged and i got 2 RB stacks, should i use my rb stacks and use berserker rage aswell to fit in 3 RBs during that CS? Or should i save it to get the enrage when my BS/CS dont crit? What would give me the highest DPS?

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    Been wondering about this myself. Since enrage buffs all damage dealt for 6 seconds, I want to say waiting on BR usage on enrage downtime would net you better numbers. But then again this is also highly situational; can you stay on target for that 6 seconds of enrage? Or are you better off using it for an extra RB proc in CS window?

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    I think you're better off saving it for any enrage downtime assuming that you're still able to sit on your target.

    (Atleast that goes for me, iv gotten 2 loots since start of mop so my crit is lacking and i get those gaps quite often)

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    I think a extra RB in CS window might be better but i dno. It would be nice if anyone that have theorycrafted this could reply in this thread

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    Enrage uptime matters more, so I wouldn't do it. Don't be afraid of using Berserker Rage if you really need the RB though, like on elegon sparks it might come in handy to have an on demand RB.

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    Well, during a heavy CD phase (Such as start of fight) its better to get an extra RB during a CS/pot/trinket/BB etc. Outside of this, I'm not sure, I havn't done the math.

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