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    [PVP] Squishiest class ever

    what am i supposed to? camp blood presence? then my damage is horseshit and we put out no pressure. IBF a HoJ? and then get into another 30 seconds later? ghoul sac heals for like 35% with a warrior on me, then if I lichborne I lose even more pressure. My shield wall is equivalent to that of a shadowpriest or boomkins PASSIVE damage reduction. what gives?

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    I know exactly how you feel. When I do 2s with my partner (Arms Warrior) he'll be on skype laughing about his survivability. I stay blood presence unless the other team is tunneling my partner. But if there's any pressure on me at all it seems as if I'm trying my absolute best to stay alive. Heck, I even got on my rogue the other night for some 2s, and even as badly geared as the rogue was I felt like I was a better 2s partner than on my DK.
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    We have a much larger thread on this subject open:


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