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    [H] Myst 10 man - Arathor - Recruiting!! - MV 2/6HC - 21:00+

    Hello everyone,

    Myst is a 10man guild designed to fit needs of those, who dont have so much time for WoW as they would like, yet they still want to do heroic raiding and try to beat all encounters Blizzard throws our way.

    We only raid 3 days per week (wednesday, thursday and monday), with starting time 9pm servertime. At this time kids are usually in bed and since we raid only till midnight (sometimes we extend till 1am to push progress), we are still able to get up to work at the morning without severe bleeding from eyes.
    This amount of raiding days and raiding times give us maximum time to spend with family and RL friends while still being able to enjoy end game PvE.
    We keep resisting to succumb to ordeal of TV soap operas and wanna keep playing the video game we like. And do it on satisfying level = heroic raiding.

    Our guild consist mostly of oldtimers who remember stuff like wallwalking, Molten Core attunements or Tarren Mill vs. Soutshore / Splintertree vs. Astranaar wars, but not exclusively, we also have some members that started playing WoW in WotLK, althought those are in minority. Guild age average is probably somewhere slightly over 30, but this is really an average, we have both youngsters (yes, we call those who are 20-23 youngsters) and elderly people (39 if i recall correctly).

    If you think that this might the guild youve been looking for, please visit our website and forums on www.myst-arathor.com and fill an application.

    We are looking for:


    Druid - balance


    Current progress:
    MV: 2/6HC
    HoF: 5/6
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    Recruiting almost all classes!

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    Recruiting almost all classes!

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