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    script for player frame placement

    i use the default player frames, but i move them down to the bottom of my screen instead of having them up at the top left hand side like they are by default.

    every time i make a new alt i have to move them into the correct position. i originally used an addon called align to get them even and in the place i wanted them but i can't always get them quite right with out it and i don't want to have to enable and disable the addon every time.

    is there anyway i can use a script or some way to carry the positioning over to other characters for their specific placement on my screen?
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    You could always try and copy the folder WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\REALMNAME\CHARACTERNAME and just rename it to your alts name.
    That way you get all the configs, saved variables etc. in palce for your alt as well.

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