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    Money making question

    So I had a question about how some of you guys make money in wow. My proffesions are mine,herb,alch and tailor. Now I know the most common answer is to farm ore and herbs etc and sell em but with ore going for about 20g doesn't seem to make much money. So my question is for like a two hour money making session what would you guys do with my professions set up. When ever I try to make money I'll farm herbs and buy golden lotus and make about 10k in a week maybe more. I'm sure you guys will think this is petty so please inform me. Thnx

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    If you are making 10,000g off 2 hours work then that is respectable imo.
    I'll start with the much said point that all servers are different, because a lot of people dont get that.
    I find you make money over time, so if your plan is to do 2 hours and thats it. Unless its farming where you can focus, then its hard ro do 2hrs concentrated ah.

    I would first start by looking at your ah on the undermine journal and see what various profession markets are like. In particular mine, herbs, gems, enchants and alchemy.
    If the AH is so botted then mining and herbing become irrelevant as you cna buy straight from the AH. However with 5.1 then id expect the price of ore to rise.
    I will say it again you need to study the ah and see what the demand and competition are like to see if you can compete on the ah. Everyone is looking for niches where competition is low and demand or profitability is high
    You should already be competing with alchemy either through flasks or transmuting. I would be very temped to switch out of one profession to JC and possibly enchanting. It all depends on prices. It then falls to you to enter the ah list your ayctions whether they are diamonds or raw rare gems and keep ensuring you are the cheapest.

    Alternatives are fishing and farming.

    Alternatives in farming are also older herbs and ores to supply people leveling professions. I wouldnt underestimate ores from tbc, byt you need to look at prices.

    Adapting to your server is importnat so take with a pinch of salt what people say but read the forums for ideas as to what other people are trying. The more times you can be the cheapest on a larger number of different items, but still make a profit then the more you will sell and the more gold you make.
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    just play more. you'll be rich

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