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    Borderlands 2, last night. It was AWESOME. I'm not usually a fan of shooters but it absolutely blew me away. GREAT characters across the board (Handsome Jack is now one of my favourite game villains ever), exciting and varied environments and set pieces, tight gameplay and of course bazillions of ridiculously crazy guns to collect. If I had to gripe about something it's that the main story takes up too little time compared to the side quests. The side quests are usually very entertaining, but I wouldn't have minded some more exposition, and more backstory for Jack. He was such an interesting character.

    Definitely a contender for my favourite game of the year. Working on True Vault Hunter Mode with my Siren right now, and it's just as awesome the second time through.
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    Well technically it was Shadow of the Colossus but since it was the HD collection I'll go ahead and rate both games.

    ICO: The game was awkward at first due to the nature of the camera angles but they grew onto me and I eventually loved them (it was like developer assisted cinematography that I could control, pretty cool). This was my first time ever playing the game but it looked gorgeous on HD, I especially loved how whenever I saw a section of the fortress in the distance I knew I was eventually going to get there somehow (the game I'm currently playing has that kind of factor too with they was it presents it's architecture). But overall I loved the nature and presentation of the puzzles as well as the fact that the game - through it's mechanics - made me care for Yorda and not necessarily think of her as a burden.....I also enjoyed the fact that she was taller than me, found that cute for some reason. The game was pretty short (8 hours for my first completion) but I enjoyed it and thought the ending was great.

    Shadow of the Colossus: Ohhhhhhhh my God, I never wanted to leave this game's world. I've played almost every Zelda game (every 3d one and then some) and the first things that came to my mind were 1. This place is everything Hyrule wishes it could be (in terms of atmosphere cause holy crap) and 2. Agro is everything Epona wishes she could be, it was awkward at first but I never want horse handling on a controller to ever stray from that setup. As I mentioned earlier the game was gorgeous and it's world was just begging to be explored, I deviated from fighting the colossi so many times due to how well it drew me in. Speaking of them though, they were as epic as ever and definitely a highlight in video game boss history. The fact that the physics for Wanderer, Agro and everything felt so spot on definitely helped. It's a game that I highly recommend to everyone and anyone. This collection made me realize that this teams next game is just teeming with amazing possibilities and is something that I'm definitely looking forward to now.

    P.S These games also have amazing musical scores (well ICO is really only had an ending theme but you get the point).

    P.P.S I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles right now and am absolutely loving this as well
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