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    Assassins Creed audio issues

    I have just downloaded assassins creed 3 and while playing there is no background music or ambient sounds just people talking, its ruins the game for me and i was wondering if anyone knows anyways to fix this. Thanks

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    You're not alone mate.


    That thread has been going on pretty much since release and unfortunately they have yet to directly address the issue. Nobody knows if its a glitch or an intentional design choice. Personally i think it was intentional since the lack of free-roaming ambient music is so pervasive. The only time music plays is during combat,during missions,or when climbing the upper parts of sync points.

    Guess they thought non-sensical mumbling and chit-chat was a creative step foward and a good replacement for actual music. But ah,im rather cynical on the whole subject at this point. The only semi-official word on the matter has come from the community moderator in that thread i linked. He basically told us that he had passed on our concerns to the dev team and that if he heard anything more he'd let us know. But that was 3 or 4 weeks ago...sooo..yeah. =(

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    Yo, thanks for the reply.
    I have heard about the lack of music in free roam but my issue is that even in the missions the sound isnt right, i have only done the first two missions, the opera house and the boat, and then couldnt play the game anymore as it was ruining the experience for me too much. While doing the opera house mission there was literally no sound at all except the noise of me climbing around and when i watch videos of the mission on you tube there is noise from the play going on in the background.

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    Ah i understand. Hm,that is strange indeed. Though not altogether surprising. The audio in general is very glitchy. I cant say id know a fix for that besides the usual re-install type of advice. It really depends on what version you're playing aswell.

    I have it on the 360 and ive encountered many audio glitches..but nothing on the level of what you're describing. A while back i also read on the Ubisoft site that ps3 users have encountered very specific audio problems that are fixable. Something to do with ps3 audio system settings.

    Then for the PC version..i really wouldnt know. Im a PC gamer mainly and if experience has thought me anything..problems like what you're describing could be caused by any number of things. Your best bet is to head on over to the Ubisoft official forums and dig around there. Im sure theres a fix for your problem because its definately not intentional.

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