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    Glitched account

    So today i raffed a friend of mine and so man things kept going wrong and I was just curious to see if anyone has ever experienced this before as well or knows any thing about it. Basically we have never got 3x exp since we started but someone told me it can take 72 hours for that to kick in so we just blew it off. But than at 98% into level 14 about to ding 15 he stops gaining experience. He is on a trial account but that ends at 20. He doesnt have enough money to stop EXP nor have we been near the dude to do that anyway. This is very very frustrating stuff and since its past blizzard CS hours i figured ide try here since ive found tons of help on here before with random issues.
    TY for reading!!

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    on the bright side!!! he can queue for 10-14 bgs and have fun pvping ^.^

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    To get the 3x XP he has to buy a month ( or two ) of gametime for the benefit.
    Atleast that's how it was when I raf'd back in WOTLK.
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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    Raf never had to buy game time to get the 3x xp, even in wotlk. in wotlk i used the RaF account as a "burn" account and used the 2 weeks(?) to level as many characters up as possible in the time(tripple boxing). RaF is very touchy though. last time i did it at the end of cata for monk granting levels it took about 24 hours before i could level past 20 unfortunately... but the triple xp was working instantly as long as you're within a few levels and in the same zone and group

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    The 3x EXP works without them buying anything, works on trial accounts no problem. My brother and I are playing on a trial right now and he has 3x. We got stopped at 20 cause the cap and now we are waiting for the trial to be lifted since we purchased the $5 box sale thing over 20 hours ago. That takes up to 72 hours to be removed from your account though.

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    something went wrong. The accounts are linked right away when you RAF someone. Is it possible that he made an account first, then you send the invitation, so he never actually clicked the link in the email so link you guys?

    and he doesnt need to buy anything at all for the benefit to work. It works right away and lasts 3 months. If he doesnt buy anything, only can go to lv 20.

    my advice? make him create a new account and help him step by step, starting with clicking the link in the email you sent him.

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