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    Unhappy DPS Grief-Ret Paladin

    So since I am unable to post any links just yet, here is the paladin in question (My pally): Zeronu, Bloodelf, Feathermoon Server. Guild: Sword and Quill

    That, my dear friends, is my 483ilvl ret paladin, of which I am falling into a bit of a..problem. You see, I am doing about 42-44k dps on a raid test dummy(Kings buff alone), I have a very strong feeling that is far too low. I am unsure as to why, or what may be the stem of this problem. I am just a little under expertise capped, I am hit capped and my stat priorities are, after hit cap as follows : STR>HASTE>CRIT=MASTERY.

    My rotation is something a little off of the norm as well, but its very comfortable for me: Build 3 HP>Inq>Execution Sentence(Being used every time off cooldown)> Build 3 HP>TV>Build 3 HP>TV>Build 3 HP>Inq. Depending on Art of war procs, I may be able to squeeze a third TV in there, but its rinse repeat.

    I'd just like some advice or backing or reassurance...whatever it is out there-just need to get this figured out because it's really been hacking at me.

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    Please search the sticky list for the appropriate thread before posting.


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