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    garalon talent advice.

    i get to kite twice during it and im wondering what talents to use to up my dps.

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    Would be really helpful to know your class / spec or at least a link to your character in armory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woz View Post
    KJC. Doesn't matter about anything else.
    kil'jaeden's cunning ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyKraka0 View Post
    Would be really helpful to know your class / spec or at least a link to your character in armory.
    He's in the Warlock forums so I'd say it's safe to assume he's a Warlock. The only talent that matters for this fight is Kiljaedan's Cunning. It's ridiculously strong if you're kiting and still pretty solid if you aren't for moving to the legs while continuing to nuke the body. Other than that, I've thought about taking Supremacy instead of Sacrifice as Affliction for times where I can't get to a leg but could still put my pet on it, Dark Bargain, Dark Regeneration, and Mortal Coil are all nice for Crush.

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    To summarise

    For movement : KJC
    For DPS on the legs : Supremacy (your pet will benefit for the buff)
    For survival : Dark Bargain, Mortal Coil

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    the one that lets you move whilst casting

    it's pretty good

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    Dark Regen is great for kiting and keeping yourself up
    Mortal Coil is of course always amazing for fights where a stun is useless
    I don't think theres a fight where Dark bargain isn't better then any of the other talents
    Burning Rush for very quick movement when you need it while kiting is important, especially if you are doing a second kite and that part is gonna be hectic.
    Supremacy is nice at the start, but once legs are dead it lags behind Sacrifice so its better to just stick with Sac, especially if your on heroic as the end burn is important.
    KJC is king if you need to kite, with 5.1 is such a powerful talent. If you end up not kiting at some point I'd still recomment KJC over Arch's Veng, as there isn't really a hard hitting ability that you get hit with in the fight (unless your bad and stand in fury)

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