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  • Demonically Empowered

    7 18.92%
  • Touched by the Sha

    19 51.35%
  • Blessing of the Thunder King

    0 0%
  • Combination

    4 10.81%
  • Other

    7 18.92%
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    We don't even know if we going to kill him, or if he's getting killed. All we know is, that we will have part on his removal from power. Whether if he dies in that process or not, that is not absolutely certain just yet.
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    As much as sha makes the most sense, with all the hints of the next xpac being Burning Legion in nature, I voted for something demonic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    How do you explain the Kor'Kron are now using Warlock magic then?
    And? Varian also used warlocks Vs the horde in a naval battle.
    Gamers are too obsessed with the death of games. Imagine if all that energy was channeled into the LIFE of games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linzo View Post
    And? Varian also used warlocks Vs the horde in a naval battle.
    Well for one thing it is totally out of character for one.

    In Cata, Garrosh threatens the player with death for loading up a catapult with harvested fel fire, declaring that once we use it the path will lead to enslavement.

    And now when he's really losing it, he's ignoring all that loading his own personal guard up as fel magic users? Something doesn't smell right.

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