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    [H] <Revitalize> of Area 52 - Seeking Raiders for Group 2

    Revitalize of Area 52 is a level 25 semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for members.
    We recently had a few core raiders leave and we are looking to fill those spots as quickly as possible.

    We currently have two groups running.
    Group 1 is 1/6H for Mogu'Shan Vaults and 4/6R for Heart of Fear.
    Group 2 is 6/6R Mogu'Shan Vaults and 2/6R Heart of Fear.

    Group 1 consists of:

    1 Guardian Druid
    1 Protection Paladin
    1 Mistweaver Monk
    1 Holy Paladin
    1 Discipline/Holy Priest(Pending)
    1 Combat Rogue
    1 Frost Death Knight
    1 Affliction Warlock

    Group 1 is seeking:

    1 (Any Specialization) Hunter
    1 Elemental Shaman

    Group 1 raid times and dates:

    Tuesday through Thursday from 10pm to 1am server.

    Group 2 consists of:

    1 Blood Death Knight
    1 Brewmaster Monk
    1 Holy Paladin
    1 Restoration Shaman
    1 Restoration Druid
    1 Enhancement Shaman
    1 Arms/Fury Warrior
    1 Fire Mage

    Group 2 is seeking:

    1 Shadow Priest
    1 (Any Specialization) Warlock

    Group 2 raid times and dates:

    Saturdays from 10pm server to 1am server.
    Sundays from 10pm server to 12am server.

    We prefer raiders with an ilvl of 475+ but all exceptional players are welcome to apply.

    If there are any questions or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me in game (Battletag Zilent#1127) or contact a Revitalize Officer. You can also apply directly on our website:

    Thank you!
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    Bumpity bump bump.

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    Bumpity bump bump bump.

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    Bumpity bump.

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    C'mon guys, spaces still open. Go to the site and apply!

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    Come apply, still need more!

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    Weekend raiding, go go!

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    Still need a resto shaman or a disc priest! Head to the website to apply or contact Serrina in game!

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    We have filled our healer spot. We still need a dps warrior and a ele shaman or balance druid. Go apply!

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    Need a melee and a ranged!

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    Still need a Elemenetal Shaman or a Balance Druid. Head to our site to apply!

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    Still looking for a dps warrior. Please apply at the website!

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    Ranged DPS spot has been filled, however we are still looking for a DPS warrior. Head to the site and apply!

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    Melee spot has closed. Ranged dps spot has opened and we now need a warlock of any spec. Please head to the site to apply.

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    Where the locks at!?

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    Still in need of a Warlock. Head over to our site to apply or contact me in game.

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    Still looking for a Warlock but now also looking for a rogue or warrior. Apply on the site!

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    A healer spot has opened up. So now we're looking for a healer. warlock, and a rogue or warrior. Head to the site to apply and let's get this going!

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    Runs tonight, still looking for a healer, warlock and a rogue or warrior!

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