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    Question Need a bit of help making this macro work.

    I got a simple macro that i have been using for quite a while, but it is no longer working properly.
    In short, my macro does this:

    First: Checks to see if i am in Cat Form - if not, it casts Cat Form. If yes, then it does not cast Cat Form at all.

    Second: Casts Prowl with an ! in front, so multiple presses of this macro can not disable my Prowl.

    However lately this macro would do nothing IF my Prowl is on cooldown or if i am in combat, or if there is any other reason that my Prowl will not work.
    Why is this occurring? Is there a way to make this macro work again even if my Prowl is not castable at the moment?

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    /cast !Cat form
    /cast !Prowl
    Seems to work for me (might be resetting swing timer, but I'm not sure)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    /cast !Cat form
    /cast !Prowl
    Seems to work for me (might be resetting swing timer, but I'm not sure)
    I tried that but it has a few issues:

    - If prowl is not ready or you can not cast prowl for any reason, it will NOT cast cat form at all.

    - It will shift out (and back into) cat form, even if you are already in cat form.

    Thank you for posting but that macro does not seem to help :/

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    Try this

    /cast [noform:3]Cat Form;!Prowl

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawomous View Post
    Try this

    /cast [noform:3]Cat Form;!Prowl
    It takes me 2 clicks to do both catform and prowl, but otherwise it works perfectly


    I changed it a bit to this:

    #showtooltip Prowl
    /cast [noform:3]Cat Form
    /cast !Prowl
    Allows both catform and prowl in one click thanks again!
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    Casting Prowl automatically puts you into Cat Form now doesn't it?

    If you're not in combat simply hit Prowl, otherwise just use the macro above.

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