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    Bug with Mind Amplification Dish

    There is an engineering tinker - Mind Amplification Dish, it allows me to control an enemy with some non-100% probability. Thing is, controlled enemy is considered a pet and can be used in conjunction with Grimoire of Sacrifice to boost yourself and kill an opponent. I ask you to double-check this since I tried it only once yesterday before logging off - it may be a random bug instead of a regular one. My pet was not out when I performed this.

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    Wrong place to post...

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    This is awesome o.o
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    Don't tell anyone! we must keep this a secret :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilinor View Post
    Wrong place to post...
    Maybe. But there is already a thread on Blizzard forums about that so I don't see any harm in posting this here. And this trick is quite limited - you can't use it on arena, tinker CD is 10 minutes and I'm not sure about the duels (I've tried it in world PvP).

    But this is surely very... warlocky.

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    Doesn't work. Tried in bgs and duels.

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    Shame on me then. I'll try this once again when I get home.

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