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    Two days ago I was helping some just dinged warrior cap arena 2s in my unholy spec. We met 2 warriors and I told him to stay in the starting room so they don't global him.
    I have 67% resil + blood presence and commanding shout gave me 440k health.
    One of the warriors had 385k health and the other one 345k - i killed them both in the middle of the arena in under 30 sec: unholy blight + death n decay glyphed + desecrated ground, it was like a circle of doom for them. They tried to charge me, stun me, fear me, all to no avail. They died to my necrotics and sour reapers with zero healing from second wind and diseases critting them for 20k

    I don't think there are many classes in this game who can kill 2 warriors solo (1 of which better geared)

    In short - unholy is fantastic!

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    Not the best moment, but soloing many fights in current content (heroic dungeons) is pretty fun, especially when the group goes crazy. Back in Cata my whole group failed and died near instantly on the Dragon boss in Vortex pinnacle, I proceeded to solo it. Same again with the last boss in there, and on Armsmaster Harlan (Herod) in the new Scarlet Halls, except the pull was my bad, I tabbed out with auto run on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    i was knocked off Lumber Mill in arathi by a draenei shaman. we both had low hp. just for the sake of revenge, i deathgrippped the poor bastard to the grave.
    It's too bad that you can't Death Grip whilst in the air. Assuming you're talking about the last few expansions anyway. :|
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    Hm, well in recent times?

    Our first Elegon Kill.

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    when we where in shado pan dungeon hc everyone died and i solo'd 10% of him alone with 8% hp over the boss died i laught and died along the group was amazed

    note : my gear was non hc at that time
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    My DK was only ever an alt, but in late Wrath, I was running ICC 25 with a random group of friends, guildies, and a few pugs. I was dpsing as unholy. We'd managed to pull Stinky in the middle of our Precious kill (or vice versa). We got them both down, but just barely. The raid was over half dead, scattered all over the place with people running back to grab the quest, waiting for rezzes, etc. Someone wandered off ahead and popped a trap and now there's a horde of geists charging our half dead raid, with the healers at low mana. I'd seen the idiot running off and knew what was going to happen, so as soon as the trap went off, I popped Army and slid into Frost Presence. As the geists came charging in, me and my army of ghouls met them. It was glorious. (And the rest of the raid were enough on the ball that we didn't wipe and I lived.)

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    Not the best, but a pretty heart beating one. Our first kill of Elegon 25H (1 person alive)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    i was knocked off Lumber Mill in arathi by a draenei shaman. we both had low hp. just for the sake of revenge, i deathgrippped the poor bastard to the grave.

    it does happen occasionally, that's why i love death knights, they might not be the hero class blizzard wanted, but they sure are one of the most badasses out there.
    That us just great, killing people of that way. Would be even better being a goblin, being able not to die in that fall <.<

    For me it was the raid letting me tank ragnaros in crappy gear, since we lacked a tank. Giving us the first kill on him. I did die in last phase, due to me screwing up, but i was still overly happy with having managed to stay alive for the part where it mattered. really had to use all my cds there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazefury5 View Post
    Quite surprised there is no mention of Unholy tanking at the start of Naxx or even the fact we had the ability to turn into a Ghoul on Death.....that was the single greatest thing to ever happen to DKs (Yes, it was insanely OP)
    Oh, God.... what was it? Like a 31/x/39 spec or something? I remember Unholy tanking being basically unstoppable in Naxx.

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    Early Cata, 4.1 I think, we had just gotten our legitimate battle rez. We were on 25m Al'Akir, and one of our healers gets knocked off the platform and dies, but their body doesn't fall all the way down into the nothingness, they landed on one of the platform decorations down just off the side/below.

    In this fight, if you get knocked off and are alive, you will be carried back up by a gust of wind, but they died in the process of getting knocked off, so their body just laid there where they happened to land.

    We were doing alright, but not great, though it looked like our first kill was possible, but one healer down meant we were almost certainly going to wipe. Our druid runs over to the edge of the platform and tries to battle rez, but they say on vent "can't get close enough to brez". I look at my RP, throw an obliterate to get above 50, say over vent "I got this".

    I click on the healer's portrait, run in the direction they died, jump right off the edge of the platform, spin my camera around to face the platform and start SPAMMING my Raise Dead button. Halfway through the jump, just before the wind picked me up and threw me back on the platform my RP drops, CD hits and BOOM, the healer was alive again. They pop up mid air, get caught just like I did and we're both thrown back up onto the platform.

    I had NEVER felt that epic or that useful. It wasn't as amazing as it could be, we did end up wiping that attempt, but the very next attempt we got him down. I still felt so badass, I was grinning the rest of the raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Steve View Post
    Oh, God.... what was it? Like a 31/x/39 spec or something? I remember Unholy tanking being basically unstoppable in Naxx.
    0/32/39 DW 'Frost'. It was pretty much as mind-numbing as current DW Frost is with its Howling Blast spamming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by banans View Post
    Patch 3.0. The Blood heals and the Unholy ghoul, can't go wrong with that.
    Loved that build


    Tanking as a DK. nothing feels better than out damaging the DPS, Out healing your healer and still keeping all mobs focused on you


    I remember getting into a WG with the max 20 stacks. Running around one shoting folks, with 200k HP. Diseases doing 10-15k a tick, Death and decay 6-9k, strikes in the 50-60k range, and 110k hp army of the dead destorying whole groups.


    Tanking Ulduar when it was current. I was in japan playing on a US server with a ton of lag and DCs. I was off tanking Razorscale and i got Dc'ed from pull to right as the MT died, solo tanked her from 11% to dead, then got DC'ed again.


    AB, very early WOTLK
    Only person holding BS watching the alliance zerg crush Farm. Some silly rogue attempts to do damage to me (lol). I kill him with full hp and Runic power just as the zerg reaches the bridge. I pop Dancing rune Weapon (Me plus weapon = 2), Summon a Ghoul (3) which causes DRW to summon one (4), pop army (12), DRW does the same (20). The zerg stops and stares at me before some unlucky hunter fires. My army kills about 4 of them (silly hunter got globaled by 18 ghouls) before they faded and i took down another 2 before i died.

    I held them long enough for the Horde zerg to cap mine, recap farm and flank them


    During early WOTLK killing a level 80 DK with his 2 level 69 buddies when they attemped to jump me (80 DK), and 2 friends (level 67 Druid and level 80 warlock - naked with rez sickness).

    We were working on the halaa tokens in nagrand by having the lock kill herself with hellfire at the halaa graveyard and taking the rez sickness so we can pump out 160ish tokens for both halaa mounts. When this trick worked you had to be flagged for PVP. I spotted the 2 lowbie DK hovering above us, and choose to ignore them, telling my buds that "they wont dare attack us with some serious help".

    Bam! level 80 dk shows up and all 3 destory the druid. lock fears and starts some casts but gets locked down by the 80 before he kills her. Druid and lock respawns and dies at the hands of the 80. I sic my ghoul on one of the 67s while I Global the other Dk. Now its one on one.

    We both Drop Death and Decay, My ghoul stuns him (I miss when it was a 30 sec CD) while i unload. He summons his and repeats my first move. I use chain of ice, back up and blow all my healing CDs to get back to full (I had my Leveling/solo spec which was Unholy until i got the ghoul and then Blood). We go at it again. dropping DandD, using AMS and self healing. I chain him again and Pop Army, he Death grips me before i could finish the cast but i had already summoned more than enough. We both stack our ghouls and continue to destory each other. His DandD kills off my last ghoul as He gets low, chains me and runs off, i Death grip him back. he chains me again, backs up and summons army. NOPE, strangulate. Game over. I watch him drop dead.

    All three rez about 10 minutes later with no PVP flag. they bow before me and leave .

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    today, while blood spec(forgot to change specs), in a RBG 1.8k rated SOMEHOW managed to survive so Solo defend WW until my team re spawned. For some reason i was in my zone. greatest moment ever.

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    I always feel pretty amazing when I get a kill off in Purgatory and then can heal myself out of it.
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    My best moment was probably tanking Heroic Morchok and not needing to be healed by my sides healer once throughout the whole fight, infact, i only took 257k healable damage which i healed back myself (rest absorbed by Blood Shield) and this was only on a 10% nerf/buff.

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    Early cata, the only player in the group who didnt die to julak-doom

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    I loved playing DW frost back in Wrath with the tri - tree spec - it was amazing.

    Now I have to say I know I'm no pro or anything but it felt great to stand there toe - to - toe with a very good, equally geared mage on our latest Garajal kill (NM) and beat him by 400 dps lol. I felt like I downed LK for the first time all over again lol.

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