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    Lfr is awesome!!!!

    i'm the only one who thinks that LFR is the most retarded thing ever put into wow?
    and why should we care about the "casual players" with other words retarded stupid fucks that don't even know how to tank and spank a facking boss in MSV LFR RETARD MODE. maybe you shouldn't play games if you can't spend more then 1h a year on your facking computer. why should we have to suffer for the retarded and the 10 year old one who can't even talk or write?

    we have to do LFR to gear up but it's not even a slighty challange because you can tank the frist boss in MSV LFR with a facking BOONKIN DRUID without even one of the raid members dieing what is up with that?? in a 25 player content seriously and blizzard is asking why they are loosing subscribers. plz open you facking eye's and do something about this either kick everyone who isn't a retard from the game or make it harder for everyone. yee and while i'm at it try to get people for a pug now, it's facking impossible everyones like Ye sure i can join, know tactcs and everything and maybe they accualy do but if you fail like 2-3 time or just die because of a bad timeing or what ever. they are like NO sorry don't have time for this and hs and just stand AFK in the city for 3h or checking the AH every 15 min or so. what is up with that? when i played in TBC we died in dungeons NOT raid for more then 4 times and no one left because everyone wanted to achieve something which they can't anymore in this game so plz do something about this issue! seriously.....

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    Because the majority of the player base are those who don't have time to actually raid, so to see the content Blizzard spend time creating they make a super easy version of it.

    You do not have to do LFR. It is not meant to be used to gear your character up, hence the lower level gear from it. The only ones who will be forced are those on cutting edge progression. Which for a guess, you are not.

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    Sorry what? I got lost in all the facks and retards in your text. If you're saying that you think LFR is bad (in contradiction to the topic title) you shouldn't run it. It isn't mandatory despite what you say and if you don't have time for it. Don't do it!

    Also, consider yourself reported
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    This thread is new and exciting.

    OT: You don't have to do LFR to get geared. You can get into raids right out of 5 mans. Also, if you want to do LFR so badly, do it with your guild if you want to clear it without problems. Yes, there's massive amounts of retards in LFR, but you can avoid them all by not going in.

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    If you'd like to bring up an idea or discuss something, please do so constructively.

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