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    Destruction stats in pvp

    With haste being worthless for Destro I was wondering what you all stack. I've done some reading and it seems mastery edges out crit so I'm currently running 11% crit and 44% mastery. What do you all use for general pvp?

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    Regardless of spec, the answer's mastery. I currently have almost 11% crit and 56% mastery as Affliction (wich is like 54% as Destro, and 18% as Demo).

    I assume you're talking about reforge here, because in gems is pretty clear no one stacks either of the secondary stats, so even if you reforge every single item into haste/crit you'll get like 1-2% more wich is totally not worth it, if you reforge mastery on the other hand you get like 7-10% more mastery.

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