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    A combination of school and self-taught, since some of the supposed "grammar rules" they teach you at school aren't really true, or at least, there's really no basis for the rules other than misconceptions (i.e., you can't end a sentence with a preposition or begin one with "and, but, etc.")

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    Mostly at school but I'm sure there are a couple of things I've picked up from online too.

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    The internet wasn't a thing when I started school so I guess the basics were learnt via school. Also both my parents are pedantic about grammar so I was pretty much forced to get it right.
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    A tiny bit in school, rest online. Vocabulary & grammar from the internet, accent from American tv shows.
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    Learned in school, perfected by practice. English was always my favorite class, and I looked forward to it every day. Mostly because I was the only dude in a class full of chicks, but hey :-P

    I'm also a total grammar nazi. Drives me crazy that each generation is getting worse and worse at it. I'm by no means a perfect speaker/typist, but the shit some people spew forth from their mouth (or fingers) just boggles my mind.
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    School and books really. My English teachers in highschool were really good at their jobs and came down pretty hard if we got things wrong, purely because most of the assessments for the class were essays (and who wants to read an essay that is written poorly, right?).

    I also picked up bits and pieces while reading books and such. Mostly vocabulary though, but still some grammar here and there.

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    Well to be fair though, English grammar is incredibly easy, compared to all the other languages around (except maybe Spanish).

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    Well my dutch grammar on school but but most of my english on the internet.
    I found the english classes on school kinda poor. I was pretty much ahead

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    I'm gonna assume you mean the grammar of our mother language. I grew up in the late 80's, and I think I learned most of it from watching TV and reading books. Honestly I don't know much formal grammar in any language. I go with what sounds, looks or feels right, and usually that's correct.

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    Well we didn't even have the interweb yet when I was a kid in school... so....

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    I learned it playing WoW:S
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    English is not my native language. Learnt most of through music and films when I was really young. When I sang along to songs I used the actual words, not the gibberish most of my classmates produced by reproducing the sounds. So by the time I actually got english classes at school, and watched 1 english instruction series on t.v. I allready knew a lot and was familiar with loads of words. Somehow I had an innate knowledge of how sentences worked, and how things were supposed to sound gotten purely from music and movies and t.v. so I never had to work at English and always was ahead of my class. As time went on I learnt more and more, started reading books in English so I didn't have to wait for translations, and of course the internet.


    I suck at grammar in the sense in that I can't explain why things should be the way I think they are. I just sort of know, but have no idea about the rules that make it the way it is. So while I'm decent in understanding and writing the language I think it's safer to say I'm not actually good at grammar.

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    I'm an adult male.

    I learned grammar in school, and was paying attention as it was taught.

    I'm sorry you're a Pokemon-generation American.

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    I learned grammar in school, and loved it. I wish more people would embrace the lessons in their English classes when they are growing up. I've continued education through the internet, though, whenever a question or situation comes up that I'm not sure about.

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    School and reading. I read a TON of books, so sentence structure and grammar are hard-coded into my brain at this point without me knowing what any of them are called.

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    A combination. My grammar isn't picture-perfect (mind you, I know "being a foreigner" isn't a good reason). However, I studied alot in School and learned quite a few tricks. I read alot of books and learned from that, I learned from Online Conversations and, hell, even some of my vocabulary was improved with Video-Games. Regardless though, at the end of the day I'm not that good. I just try my best.
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    Online, unfortunately. I wish I didn't, it has caused me some problems in school, some people on the interwebz I've learned some stuff from need to improve their grammar too.

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    School, mostly. In Latin class, funnily enough.

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    At school.

    And then further drilled into me by my mother who was an English major.
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