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    On Kil'Jaeden (US) I switched back to Mistweaver for a single fight and jab was still 11.7k. Put the glyph back on. 11.7k. Attacked Garalon. Lost a ton of mana very, very fast. I'd double check your results sometime soon.
    Be sure to swap weapons after you change glyphs. It won't update the Jab spell until you do. I will be checking the next time I log on.

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    I only fist-weave just to keep zeal up if being in melee doesn't hurt me, the only time I truly fist-weave is Garalon. To be honest the best damage/healing spec is Disc right now the healing off Smite spec is disgusting.

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    Confirmed, 9k mana cost for Jab with a weapon is still active.

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    you're basically gonna have to melee just to keep certain buffs up as you're healing, if you were thinking of dps weaver get it out of your head

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