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    Quote Originally Posted by CRaul87 View Post
    Instant max lvl and pvp gear so I can do BGs..... I just can't take the grind anymore and pve is boring for me and u cant really pvp unless you got decent gear unless u want to be face stomped
    they have that already its called a private server.
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    Id like to see a reward, was playing since vanilla and only stopped due to the mind numbing dullness that was dragon soul. Like a free expansion upgrade and 2 months free would intice me to come back - for a while - If wow full on dropped the montly payments id be back tomorrow, and even then only for the social side of things, there are to many better looking games out these days for me to bother with the same old game play day in day out.
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    after just seeing results of morality bukkake on garrosh

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    Make WoW a bit more social again. Stuff like LFR, LFD etc made it kind of hard to find friends.
    Stop the "funny" refferences spanning over half of zones.
    Stop centering the lore on humans vs orcs.
    Actually try to remove bots.

    These are the things why I quit WoW mostly. Sure, there's other little stuff, but these are my main problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogo View Post
    To those who no longer subscribe to WoW and who played a long time (but still peruse forums some times), say like 4 years plus, what would need to happen for you to come back to WoW? Real Life responsibilities aside.

    So, what would need to happen to come back and where/when did it go bad for you?
    Make it f2p or at lease 1-70 free then I would play a lot. Other then that there is nothing blizzard can do to make me come back.
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    It is not so much a simple in-game change, but for me to fully support the game again, Blizzard would have to stop milking the infinite cashcow. They would have to stop doing the absolute minimum they can get away with. It started bugging me in wrath, and now in mop it is just annoying me every time I see a diplomatic blue very eloquently PRing the shit out of a zombie like sea of costumers.

    For example, the moment they actually start spending substantial funds on actually actively banning bots, I would maybe start respecting them again a bit more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puppypizza View Post
    And if I never hear "Slooow dooown" again, it'll be too soon.
    It is the most infuriating thing about this expansion. Both because it's fucking annoying when the pandas are saying but also because you know behind that is the developer trying to reinforce that mentality. Nobody want's to go fucking slow ffs. Senior citizens driving cars maybe.

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    I stopped because all of my friends quit and I didn't want to make a new social group ingame.

    I still talk to them out of WoW so I don't think I'd go back into it. I'd probably play it now and again if it was free but I'm not exactly holding my breath for that day to come

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    To reset the game back to original WOW like it was in Vanilla.
    No cross realm stuff in any aspect.
    40 man raids to be brought back.
    True pvp on your realm only.
    1 or 2 continents only.
    No flying mounts.
    No arena for gear and rankings.
    Warlord Gear for top performers like it was back in these days.
    No looking for Group (make one yourself and stop being lazy).
    People to invest time and effort to receive things.

    Those are just a few.

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    Cata killed it for me, MoP brought me back

    its not 100% fair to say cata killed it for me. My greatest play time was in wraith... but I entered my last year of college right around cata release. The combination of being hacked (ultimately stopped me for the time because i didn't feel like dealing with it) and me not enjoying cata made me stop.
    I now play the game very casually and think MoP is GREAT for my play style. I can choose to do dailies/LFR whenever I feel (and none of it is mandatory). I fealt like the cata dungeon system was a much bigger burden...half the time i logged onto cata I got nothing accomplished.....waited in city....found herioc dungeon after wait....people are too impatient for heroic dungeons and they failed half the time in my cases...and in cata heroics were mandatory because that's all you could do.
    Like I said...overall I am enjoying MoP...I do dailies on a daily basis but usually pick 1 faction a day, run the LFR and then have plenty of fun stuff to do past that between PvP, Pet collecting, and doing old dungeons.

    My only big complaints are CRZ and Pandas...just bugs me that I can't level an alt really without it taking at least 100% more time then it should on a PvP server. Never been a fan of the Pandaren...and still can't get over the idea that their race split in half to fight a war with each other.
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    I'm still playing, but not much. Been like 3 hours or so for the past two weeks.

    I think my main reason is suffering from the expansion blues, as I struggle very badly with the transition from one expansion to another, and while it normally went away with wotlk/cata, it's still ever so present now, and also my incredible ability to choose classes that won't be fun in the upcoming expansion, because I think I'm retarded.

    I've not raided in Mop, save for LFR, and that's fine, for as it stands, I don't really feel like raiding. Instead I'm doing pvp and lvling alts, but tend to leave them when they're about 80. But there are problems:

    1. My bad luck. Killed so many hc bosses that could drop daggers. How many daggers did I get? None. Had to buy one for 4k, and running around with a 437 on my off-hand. Then I actually did dailies - got those lucky charms (3), spent them all in one LFR. What did I get? Gold. While it's welcome, I wanted loot more. Did another LFR; lo and behold, I did get a necklace. Only problem? Of the two epics I already had, the necklace was one of them. Killing sha. Get more gold. Now, this may come across as crying about loot; maybe it is, but when you add all of these things up, it does become quite disheartening that you're at the mercy of the RNG gods, and they hate you. Might've been a good things rogue legendary quest had guaranteed drops; otherwise I'd still not be half-way through.

    2. Pvp is pretty ... meh. I do feel I can do more than a fresh 85 in Cata, however, people's cds and invincibility make it boring. It could be because I don't play classes with burst that're 90, well, you can build up some burst with the shadow priest, but it's not exactly on demand. I also realise that fact that I'm not the best pvper out there, but still. Nigh piss myself whenever a warrior is looking at me, because I know hell is about to be unleashed. Oh, and the fact that you can't buy honour weapons for SOME FUCKING REASON?! Yeah, as if I'll play rogue when my damage comes from auto attacks and 11k backstabs. 11k backstab crits, mind you.

    Apart from slowly and casually working on my Bloodthirsty (at 132k now) and lvling alts (which is sooo much fun at low lvls!) I don't feel I have any reasons to log in.

    Come to think about it, I might actually make some proper twinks. Not double warglaive High Warlord the Insane lvl 70, or whatever, but a place where I'm actually having fun because there's little of that now at 90. It's a "rather reign in hell than serve in heaven" sort of thing, I think.

    Lastly, I believe there's simply too much to do. Gear grinding, be it pve or pvp, achievements, farms, pet battles, challenge modes, dailies... While others understandably like having different things to do, my indicisveness (can't spell that word, neither can spell checker) kicks in and I get confused as to what to do.

    Oh, and dailies. I hate them. I don't do them, though, still find it very unnecessary that they're there. I want tabards. I could be hard to cater to, I know, as I normally don't look forward to expansions and all the changes they'll bring while I at the same time can't fucking stand the repetitiveness of dailies.

    Edit: forgot to mention the queue times. 5-10 mins for a random bg isn't unusual these days, compared to the 1 min max from cata. So I just sit there and wait for it to pop, as I don't care about doing other things, time efficiency and shit
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    I honestly don't think I could come back to WoW but something that would possibly make me come back would be.

    Address the issue regarding low pop servers. I played on the same server since pretty much Vanilla and when I quit the server was completely empty and I had 8 chars at level 85. Low pop servers wouldn't be such a big issue if there was still a "community" feeling within the servers but I felt that was taken out of the servers with cross relam battlegrounds and LFG. Even on the Servers forums there would be no blue response's and I know a lot of people that got pretty pissed off with this.

    Try and get a more social aspect in to the game. Like above, I personally feel the social aspect that made wow great has been taken away from the game.

    Be more honest and open with the player base.

    Some original content, I can't speak for MoP because I haven't played it but in Cata I thought the content was pretty tedious tbh. I enjoyed a few of the Cata quests chains and well done to Blizzard for that but there is a lot of Lore that Blizzard could use for dungeons, raids etc. that instead of using they were happy to givve us re-hashed crap of instances and raids we had did numerous times in Vanilla.

    Bring back Attuenment quest chains for some raids.

    Bring back a bit of challenge to the game.

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    Coming back isn't really an option for me. It's really about WoW but it is, I just have no desire to come back to the game. But if push came to shove, things that could entice would be things like reduced cost to transfer servers. I have 5 80's and coming back and then having to transfer a bunch of toons doesn't make financial sense.

    If there was a way to find out if people that I used to play with came back to the game, that would also help.

    I'd like to see more user friendly things show up into the game, like tri-spec or even quad spec. That way you could switch on a dime and into different pve roles and pvp roles. Add that better rotations as far as raiding is/was concerned were a big issue with me. It seemed that the classes that dominated had the easiest rotations, and other that had the 15 button rotations even when you did it right netted you less dps than the others. To me, it should be the opposite. If you can get a complicated rotation down, you deserve the higher dps. But if you are in a 1 or 2 button spammer and pwning dps, just never made sense to me.

    WoW is an mmorpg not a shooter or a jumping platform game, it seems like it was going more towards that direction when I left.

    One of my biggest issues though was the player population, there were lots that were just complete tools and rude and not nice people. Elitist Jerk types, but when you looked at them, they weren't elitist because they weren't good enough to be elite.

    Botters needed to be dealt with, etc...

    So, tons of reasons, and as thus not much of a reason to come back at this point. And while I'm playing SWTOR atm and enjoying it, even though there are quite a few issues with the game, it's still a much more fun experience than when I left WoW.

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    Rusty Shield: Where have you been?
    TonyIommi: Whaat a talking shi..
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    Hardly would come back but if they do following:

    1. remove bots: game is run by bots now and no point playing it
    2. merge low pop realms: its disgrace that they does not want to fix that (lol at CRZ)
    3. dailies. they made us play alts for 2 xpacks and now they tell us its time to play one toon again.
    4. dungeons needs to come back. these so called heroics are bullshit. and no i dont want to do challange mods
    5. pvp. maybe the worst season ever. so burtsy

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    OMG did you really have to draw all these excessively negative people into this thread.

    I for one don't want ANY of these people back on the game.
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    OMG did you really have to draw all these excessively negative people into this thread.

    I for one don't want ANY of these people back on the game.
    Doesn't really matter if you want them back or not.

    It's a very good question and some of the replies are pertinent to many.

    Personally I think the social aspect really needs work and they went the wrong way about it with the MSN type of setup. I think the graphics are good but need overhaul including the sky which is one aspect that has not been addressed and believe it or not would assist the immersion aspect. You could not really go back from LFR or LFG I think, the beast is out and if caged, would drive people away the game as they have a lazier mindset with respect to grouping and whatnot.

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    I've played religiously from the end of vanilla up to the end of cataclysm.

    What would really need to happen for me to resub is monthly content patches. If I'm expected to pay a monthly fee, then I want to see something in return for that monthly fee. I already paid for the expansions, so they don't count. That is my biggest gripe.

    If that's fixed, then the next point in line would be elimination of grinds. Daily rewards are a fine idea, but why must they be limited to a dozen quests? Give us a daily reward for the first 25 quests we do anywhere in the world. Anywhere. It might even open up the world a bit, considering about 99% of wow's content is dead weight once you hit the level cap. I need a reason to go quest in booty bay if I'm level 90, even if I haven't done that particular content before.

    A scaling system would be nice too. Guild wars does this amazingly well. If a real life friend with little time manages to log on for a night's play, I want to be able to do something with him that's meaningful for the both of us, even if I'm 40 levels above him.

    Next would be free character transfers. Or some way to play with friends who aren't on my server. And not just old raids.. *any* content.

    If all that gets implemented, I don't see why I wouldn't come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIommi View Post
    It is the most infuriating thing about this expansion. Both because it's fucking annoying when the pandas are saying but also because you know behind that is the developer trying to reinforce that mentality. Nobody want's to go fucking slow ffs. Senior citizens driving cars maybe.
    SMH at how far over your head the Philosophy is.
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    We'll, dont think it matters by now what Blizzard do, wow is "acid-covered" by nostalgic for me. They can never give me back what I had and loved.

    I will however say a lower subscription fee, not cause the current one I couldent afford, its just not worth it VS what I get for it. Basicly faster patching and meaningfull NON-raid content. Not this bullshit gated content that MOP gave us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    SMH at how far over your head the Philosophy is.
    It's not over my head, it's just boring. My suspicion is that lots of people will be bored by it as well and it will be abandoned shortly. It's not 2006.

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