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    Dual OS questions

    I wanted to know if it would be possible to Dual Boot Mac OSX & Windows 8 using two different boot drives and a motherboard with a switchable BIOS without an OS selection prompt. In the past, when I would dual boot an OS, I would be asked which OS I'd like to load into. For example if I set the primary drive to boot Windows 8 on the first bios profile and Mac OSX on the second bios profile, would it allow me to skip the OS selection prompt and allow the computer to boot directly to desktop?

    I'm not really sure how to explain this properly, but I am planning on building a computer and I want to have Windows 8 as my primary OS as well as having Mac OSX (hackintosh) on the side if needed. My primary concern is allowing my system to boot Windows 8 as it would normally if it weren't a dual OS system, and to only boot Mac OSX if I change the boot option while loading the BIOS or by changing the bios manually through a bios switch on the mobo.

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    Well, not sure if there's an equivalent, but I have GRUB2 as my bootloader. It's configured so that it skips the boot menu all together and boots into the first item in the list, which happens to be my win7 install. If you hold shift while booting, you can select the other OS. Not sure what bootloader you'd use without a linux install, but I'd hope they would have similar options for OSX.

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    Unfortunately, Hackintoshes are against Apple's TOS, and therefore against our forum rules. Closing this.

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