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    [H] < The Filthy Few > 10 man SUNSTRIDER-EU ** 12/12N ToT * 6/6HC HoF * 4/4HC ToES **

    The Filthy Few is a 10 man guild on Sunstrider-EU, currently allocated on rank 2 of the server.

    Nationality: International.
    Language: English.
    Loot: Loot Council with raiders participation and opinion.

    We are currently looking for: ( @ 12/03/2013 )

    -Restoration Druid.
    -Holy Paladin.

    -Monk DPS.
    -Feral Druid.

    Other classes might be taken into consideration if you are an exceptional player.

    Raiding schedule

    -Wednesday, 19.30 - 23.30
    -Thrusday, 19.30 - 23.30
    -Sunday, 17.00 - 23.30 for progression, 19.30 - 23.30 farming raids.
    -Monday, 19.30 - 23.30
    -Tuesday, 19.30 - 23.30 (occasional during progress)

    What we offer

    -High mature raiding environment: our roster counts with very dedicated, exceptional good players that know their class to the bleeding edge. They are always min-maxing their characters to obtain the optimal performance in raids. You will find stable and competitive players, at the same time, friends and fun times.

    -Proper leaders and good tacticians: the leaders are always aware of the guild's needs, they drive the raid smoothly and always allow everyone's opinion. Tactic wise, we always improve our methods to the point of perfection.

    -Consumables from the Gbank: flask, food and pots are provided for raids for free, no matter progress or farming.

    -Sociability: we do play more games other than WoW !

    We have a very strong roster, dedicated and reliable. Only apply if you meet the following requirements:

    What we expect from you

    -Team player: we don't want heroes, we don't want people that wants to top the meters risking a death, we want people that listen and follow what has been said and coordinate with the other raiders to achieve a perfect performance.

    -Vocal: you need to be able to speak and understand English in Ventrilo at a reasonable level.

    -Deep knowledge of your class: what to reforge into, how to gem, how to use your abilities for the full benefit of the raid.

    -Deep knowledge of the boss encounters: you will need to know what each of the bosses does at any point and react to it fast and smooth. You will be ask to take more responsibility in certain bosses.

    -Geared to join the progression: your character MUST be ready to join our ranks, fully gemmed, fully enchanted and min-maxing your stats.

    -Solid raiding background: it is highly recommended that you posses a good raiding experience in the past in order to consider you as a potential recruit.

    -Positive attitude during progression: no matter how many tries we need, you will need to keep releasing and zoning back in the dungeon until the end of the raid, as well as coming as much days as possible to the progress raids.

    -90% attendance: we are looking for players that rarely need a day away from raids. The more the better.

    For more in depth information, please contact Âry or Booniewoonie in-game, or visit our webpage and feel free to drop your application.

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    Still looking for 1 Mage, 1 Hunter !

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    Updating progress:

    6/6hc MV, 5/6hc HoF, 4/4n ToES.

    World 416, EU 260, Server 2.

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    Still looking for a Mage/Hunter !

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    Progress will be on hold during the holidays but we are still looking to complete our roster.

    Grand Empress and ToES can expect us soon!

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    We're still looking for a mage to complete our roster!

    Exceptional players of any class will always be considered.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Updated the classes we are looking for!

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