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    questions on raiding

    Which role is best for a first time raider? dps/heal/tank. (I have done lfr, its pretty much dungeon difficulty on a larger scale)

    Would I be better of looking for a guild on a well populated server? My realm is pretty quiet I doubt anyone on there would bother with a new raider.

    I have been playing for a few years but never had a chance to raid because the guild I was with this whole time were doing fuck all. Sorry but I gotta vent this. When i first started I met someone who was really friendly and all so I stuck with him. I even moved across realms to stay with him. But lately he doesn't come on anymore and doesn't even give others full access to run the guild. And no I'm not gay.

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    You're going to get a LOT of very strongly-held opinions on this one... but here's the key: a lot of it is going to depend on how comfortable YOU are with that role. Personally, for me, it's (from easiest to hardest) ranged DPS > healer > tank > melee DPS. I've got a friend who sits at healer > ranged DPS >>> tank/melee. Your mileage may vary.

    My suggestion would be to take whatever class/spec you're most comfortable with, and try to get into a guild using that. Look for a guild that's actively raiding, but don't try to jump into the deep end (right away): look for a guild progressing through normal modes.

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    The best role for a first time raider would be the role that you are best at.

    If you want easiest, I'd say go dps in a 25 man raid.
    If a tank or healer messes up, it can mean someone's death or a wipe.
    If a dps messes up, you can always keep going and keep dpsing.

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    i have done heroic raiding as all roles except a tank, in 10 and 25. ranged dps is miles easier than melee dps. healing will depend on you, in my experience some people are good, some are terrible. and unlike dps you cant as easily just read a guide and get better. try something like spriest, there real easy in MoP i believe.
    also, try to get a guild that has a decent ammount on farm, because on progression enrage timer will be tight for a lot of fights, not just the gear checks!

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    Easiest to Hardest
    Range DPS without Pet > Range DPS with Pet > Melee DPS > Tank > Heal

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    For a new raider, I'd say a ranged dps with the option to heal would be best. Even if you're a great tank in dungeons, noone wants their raid to depend on someone who's never raided before.

    DPS is by far the easiest to compare and track progression of 'skill' compared to the others in your raid, especially in a 25man this can be quite the learning experience.

    Choosing a class that can change the healing later is helpful once you've grown more comfortable in the raiding environment, and the other members can rely on you not to mess up.

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