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    WSG horde side wall glitch

    So I was running WSG with a friend just a bit ago with a friend and ran into a group of horde abusing this glitch. On the top part of the horde base just before you enter the higher elevation door, if you turn right just before you go through the doorway the wall does not work. You can walk through that wall and be out of view. You can hold the flag in here because no one on the other team can see you. There's only a small space in there that you can stand on and not fall through the map, so you just need to have a class with fear nearby to protect the FC if people find out he's hiding in the wall. A simple fear will cause you to random path off that small area inside the wall and fall through and die.

    We were up 2-0 and they used this to come back to win 3-2. I dont mind losing a BG, just really bothers me that we lost because of a glitch in the map. Anyhow, I took screenshots and they will be linked in the bottom of the post. And yes I opened a ticket to Blizz.

    **If you're having trouble seeing the images, click the gear at the top right of the picture and view in full resolution**

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    this is still around... it's been there for years. All the GM told me was to report them... I can't believe this glitch is still there, very sad.

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